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Is there a way to make the newest contributions appear at the top of the list? Craig? March 28, 2006, at 12:17 AM

That is the default behavior. It works exactly like GroupName.RecentChanges and $SiteGroup.AllRecentChanges page, but with a slightly different format for each line. --Hagan

Is there a way to backfill the contributions of people made before this recipe is added? Lordmundi March 14, 2007

I doubt there is a way to do so automatically. --Hagan

I do not understand how this works. Is there an example anywhere? Could this be applied to pmwiki's documentation? GNUZoo March 28, 2007

The easies way to see how it works is to enable it on your wiki, edit a page or two, then search your wiki for "name=*Contrib" (without the quotes). You will see the pages that were created in the Profiles group. --Hagan

Is there a way to prevent changes made in existing SpecialGroup? from appearing in Myname-Contribs ? Or, something to disable this recipe in that SpecialGroup. Thanks. (gb January 26, 2010, at 05:58 PM)

Either use a PerGroupCustomizationInConfigPhp to exclude this recipe for SpecialGroup ;
Or add this to local/SpecialGroup.php config (from Petko) :


I'm seeing some odd behaviour. I have authorcontrib installed, but instead of placing the author's contributions in Profiles.Authorname-Contrib, it's putting them in Profiles.HomePage-Contrib. Definitely do not understand why it is doing this -- it really seems like a simple recipe. tamouse July 02, 2011, at 02:54 PM

Update: ok, this is definitely strange. I don't know exactly why I had a Profiles.HomePage -- it should have been Profiles.Profiles. I deleted Profiles.HomePage and then created Profiles.Profiles. Now it seems to work. RESOLVED tamouse July 02, 2011, at 03:05 PM

Unfortunately this recipe shows the last change to a page only. I would like to see it turning into a full "activity stream", i.e., showing every single edit to a page. – bttr January 06, 2018, at 06:33 PM

To log every single edit in a page, you can set the page in the $RecentChangesFmt array by removing the double space in the entry value after the page link:

$RecentChangesFmt['$SiteGroup.AllRecentChanges'] = '* [[{$Group}.{$Name}]] . . . $CurrentTime $[by] $AuthorLink: [=$ChangeSummary=]';

In the default entry, there are two consecutive spaces after the link, and PmWiki uses them to know which part of the entry is fixed (to remove the previous entry for the same page). Removing one of the two spaces will cause all edits to be logged.

To log to a different page, set above $RecentChangesFmt['Site.CustomRecentChanges'] (some recipes like LocalTimes expect the page name to contain RecentChanges). To log to a different page per author, see how this recipe does but remove the double spaces. --Petko January 09, 2018, at 03:57 PM

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