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The two variants given can be combined, as follows:

## AllGroupHeader
##   This includes {$SiteGroup}.AllGroupHeader for all pages, and then, 
##   in addition, includes {*$Group}.GroupHeader if such exists, and 
##   {$SiteGroup}.DefaultGroupHeader otherwise.
$GroupHeaderFmt =
	'(:include {$SiteGroup}.AllGroupHeader:)(:nl:)'
	.'(:include {*$Group}.GroupHeader {$SiteGroup}.DefaultGroupHeader:)(:nl:)';

And for footers:

##   This includes {*$Group}.GroupFooter if such exists, and 
##   {$SiteGroup}.DefaultGroupFooter otherwise; and then, in addition,
##   includes {$SiteGroup}.AllGroupFooter for all pages.
$GroupFooterFmt =
	'(:include {*$Group}.GroupFooter {$SiteGroup}.DefaultGroupFooter:)(:nl:)'
	.'(:include {$SiteGroup}.AllGroupFooter:)(:nl:)';

(NOTE: The footer is done in the opposite order from the header: first the GroupFooter (or DefaultGroupFooter), then the AllGroupFooter. This is to maintain symmetry; the site-wide header and footer are on the "outside", and the group header/footer (or default group header/footer) are on the "inside".)

Said Achmiz November 07, 2017, at 05:44 PM

Here are equivalent variables for footers:

$GroupFooterFmt =
  '(:nl:)(:include {$SiteGroup}.AllGroupFooter:)'
  .'(:nl:)(:include {$Group}.GroupFooter:)';


$GroupFooterFmt =
  '(:nl:)(:include {$Group}.GroupFooter {$SiteGroup}.SiteFooter:)';

Problem: When adding this script into the webpage the {$Group}-tag on the header-page has the value of the header-page-group instead of the text-group... (Hard to explain, but I hope you understand....)

How do I solve this? //Rufus

Use {*$Group} to refer to the group of the text page. -- Pm

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