Summary: Map of older recipe filenames to recipe pages
Status: Information
Maintainer: Pm

Many older cookbook recipes don't contain $RecipeInfo data needed for RecipeCheck. This page simply maps the names of common cookbook recipe scripts to the associated recipe page.

Feel free to add new entries to this list -- just follow the given format.

  authuser.php         Cookbook:AuthUser               Starting with version 2.0beta39, PmWiki includes an authuser.php script.
  blocklist.php        Cookbook:Blocklist              Obsolete recipe, please see PmWiki.Blocklist
  changesum.php        Cookbook:ChangeSummary          This recipe is superseded by pmwiki 2.0.beta44.
  currentvisitors.php  Cookbook:CurrentVisitors        -
  downloadman.php      Cookbook:DownloadManager        -
  extendmarkup.php     Cookbook:MarkupExtensions       -
  mimetex.php          Cookbook:MimeTeX
  pmcal.php            Cookbook:PmCalendar
  pmgraphviz.php       Cookbook:PmGraphViz
  postitnotes.php      Cookbook:PostItNotes
  rotatemarkup.php     Cookbook:RotateMarkup
  sectionedit.php      Cookbook:SectionEdit
  stylepage.php        Cookbook:CSSInWikiPages
  togglelink.php       Cookbook:ShowHide
  usemod.php           Cookbook:ConvertUseMod
  youtube.php          Cookbook:Flash
  views.php            Cookbook:ViewModes
  visitorslogging.php  Cookbook:VisitorsLogging
  ServerInfo.php       Cookbook:ServerInfo             -