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  • (+) I modified the sources to solve the incompatibility with the deprecated Markup_e. Love the skin.
  • (+) Great Skin, but sadly it produces Errors becuse Markup_e is deprecated.
  • (+) Love it, taking it. Nyarnon
  • (+) I love the skin, clean layout, flexible, easy to use, and very easy to read. Dr3DV Course Page 1-Apr-2011
  • (+) Excellent, especially the ability to switch from fluid to fixed. Nice clean layout, nibl? 6-May-2010
  • (+) I like this skin and reviewed it -- works fine. --Petko January 30, 2010, at 12:17 PM
  • (+) Xian? 4-Nov-2009: I liked your Skittlish very much.
  • (+) Allan? October 29, 2009, at 18:15 AEST: Thanks for this Skin!
  • (+) Good! Pretty. :-) SamWilson
  • (+) Cool! (Schroeder)
  • (+) Very good. Seamless integration with BlogIt. KlaasWiegmink,
  • (+) Excellent skin! Thanks and keep up the good work! Michael
  • (+) I'm a huge fan of this skin's customizability -- thanks for the terrific work! svoida

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User notes for Skittlish (talk).