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(:noright:) redux

svoida November 9, 2011: Here's another idea about how this might be implemented more generally -- that is, an implementation that doesn't require a site-wide decision about whether or not to display the sidebar, but that looks for the presence (or absence) of a (:noright:) tag when rendering everything:

First, add a class attribute to the wrapper div in the template file, like this:

<div id="wrapper" class="rightcol{$RightColumn}">

Then, add the following lines somewhere in base.css (in my version, they're at the bottom, just before the PmWiki-specific selectors:

/* one-column mods */
.rightcol0 #contentwrapper { background: #fff url(none) no-repeat; }
.rightcol0 #sidebar, .rightcol0 .boxy { display: none; }
.rightcol0 #innerwrapper { margin-right: 40px; }
.rightcol0 #footer { padding-right: 40px; }

I've not tested this very thoroughly, but everything looks like it's working well in Chrome on OSX.

Open Questions

SkinColor doesn't seem to work?

Juice June 7, 2016: Hey, I just installed PmWiki, and went straight to the Skittlish theme. Everything looks great, so I started customizing. I can't seem to get the theme color to change. I've put

$SkinColor = 'blue';

into my /var/www/html/pmwiki/local/config.php file, but nothing changes when I reload the webpage..? I also tried passing the parameter to the wiki in the url

<IP address>/pmwiki/index.php/Main/HomePage?color=blue

Still no change. I must be missing something very simple here. Thanks!

Minor issue hovering over $WikiTag

SteP September 24, 2012: Hi Dave! I noticed a minor issue hovering over the $WikiTag text in the header disables the reverse text effect in the WikiTitle text above it. It just looks a bit weird because placing the mouse pointer anywhere around the WikiTag enables the WikiTitle reverse effect again.

How to put image without title?

overrus? November 30, 2009, at 11:18 AM GMT -03:00: Hi, I would like to use a logo, but leave no title on the page, only one tag. Is it possible?

DaveG 30-Nov-2009: In order to remove the title text and retain the logo you need to set$WikiTitle to a hard-space:


If you keep the wiki-tag, you might also need to adjust the tag padding, and manually set a logo width. Adjust the numeric values appropriately:

$HTMLStylesFmt['skittlish'] .= '#siteheader .sitetag {padding-left: 0 !important;} ';

overrus? November 30, 2009, at 16:08 AM GMT -03:00: ok, but still the tag is not below the logo as I would like. If I adjust the size of the image, automatically the tag is pushed to the right.

DaveG 30-Nov-2009: Try the amended version above.

Another question to (:noright:)

xian? November 28, 2009, at 03:00 PM:If I do (:noright:) I usally intend to use the whole width of screen, so I need to erase the colored area too. In my tries I could dropout the SideBarMenu and the Searchblock (still seperatly, even updating the skinfiles), but I couldn't clear the color-bar. Any hint?

DaveG 29-Nov-2009: Skittlish isn't really intended to be used without the right column, which is why setting (:noright:) only removes the content rather than hiding the entire column. If you want to remove the colored right column, then try this. Not sure how this will hold up cross-browser though, but it should point you in the right direction. You'll need to change innerwrapper right-margin appropriately, to resize the body column, using the no hidden right column.
$HTMLStylesFmt['skittlish'] .= '#sidebar {display: none;} #contentwrapper{background-image: none !important;} ';
$HTMLStylesFmt['skittlish'] .= '#innerwrapper {margin-right: 20px;} ';

How to readout the customized color?

xian? November 26, 2009, at 08:13 AM: Hi, is there a way to read out the $SkinColor for use in a wikistyle, if it is not explicitly set in the config.php (colorswitcher still offered). Lets say:

  %color={$SkinColor}% results in a SideBar-lollipop-colored text%%

Because if I use %red% for warnings in a "red" environment, it bites. Thx in advance.

DaveG 27-Nov-2009: Here's how I'd approach this. For Skittlish, the color styling is applied with a class on the BODY element. You can use this to style your warning class for each color by adding this to config.php, or by adding the same css styles to a stylesheet. Obviously add a style for each of the Skittlish colors, I only have two below as an example:
$HTMLStylesFmt['skittlish'] .= '.blue .warning {color: red;} ';
$HTMLStylesFmt['skittlish'] .= '.red .warning {color: black;} ';

And then use the style: %warning%Here's a warning

Typo in Instructions on How to Turn Off Options in config.php

Allan? October 29, 2009, at 18:15 AEST: Hi Dave, fyi, in your "Header Customization" instructions below, I believe there's a little typo in how to turn off the Options in the top right (of the header). Should it be PageOptionsFmt... (with an "s")?

  • To turn off the option menu, same as for action above, but use PageOptionsFmt

(p.s. Thanks for this Skin!)

28-Oct-2009, DaveG: PageOptionsFmt (with the 's') is correct. Thanks for pointing it out, and glad you like the skin!

Closed Questions

Documentation image should mention and (:notitlegroup:)

Status: Closed

nezda? January 9, 2010, at 12:26 AM GMT -03:00: Took me some digging to figure this out

DaveG 18-Jan-2010: Added updated image.

Switch for SideBar not working

Status: Issue resolved in 1.1.1

StefanR October 17, 2009, at 02:45 AM: I tried to disable the sidebar in a particular group, where the sidebar was not necessary. So I placed (:noright:) in the GroupHeader, but to no avail. Then I tried (:nosearch:) but that worked. I figured there must be a bug in the skin.tmpl/php files. And yes, the markup for =(:noleft:) is defined in skin.php instead of defining the markup for =(:noright:). Same for the .tmpl file: It uses PageLeftFmt instead of PageRightFmt.

In summary, the sidebar switch is not working, because the necessary markup uses the keywords left and right in an inconsistent way.

There is also a typo in the .php file: stye instead of style.

17-Oct-2009, DaveG: Thanks for letting me know -- I'll log that as a bug. The typo is in a comment, so won't stop anything working.

Search Not Working with method="post"

Status: Bug fixed (1.0.2)

Orin? 13-Sep-2009 Search was not working on my install of PMWiki. I'm running an up-to-date Apache server and PMWiki is configured to run in the root of a folder — that is, the .htaccess points the base directory to pmwiki.php. When doing a search, instead of seeing some results a viewer was redirected, without an error message, back to the homepage. Using the (:searchbox:) tag resulted in functional searches. I resolved this issue by changing line 57 of the file skin.tmpl

from: method="post"

to: method="get"

15-Sep-2009, DaveG: Interesting, thanks for letting me know. I'll address this in the next release.

Table Centering Bug

Status: Bug fixed (1.0.2)

Syv?: 14-Aug-2009 Centering of the tables does not work:

|| border=3 align=center width=65%

The align=center will not center the table with the Skittlish skin.

DaveG, 15-Aug-2009: Logged as a bug.

Bug in nested lists

Status: Bug fixed (1.0.2)

Syv?: 3-Aug-2009: When doing a list of numbers with # and introducing nested bullets ** that apply to that number, Skittlish does not display the bullet but a number, indented

# I always rename all .... This means:
*** The photo was taken in ...
*** The photo was taken on ...
*** The photo is the first ...
# My copyright, and my info.


3. I always rename all .... This means:
    1. The photo was taken in ...
    2. The photo was taken on ...
    3. The photo is the first ...
4 My copyright, and my info.

instead of:

3. I always rename all .... This means:
    * The photo was taken in ...
    * The photo was taken on ...
    * The photo is the first ...
4 My copyright, and my info.

Also, other numering options do not work, just like or which also does not work.

DaveG, 3-Aug-2009: Logged issue as a bug. Thanks for taking the time to report it.

Minor bug in PageLogoURL

Status: Issue addressed

SteP July 09, 2009: I think there's a small bug in version 0.1.2 and since the change log doesn't report it as fixed, here it is. The if condition below uses PageLogoUrlWidth instead of the correct PageLogoWidth:

if (!empty($PageLogoUrl) && !empty($PageLogoUrlWidth)) {
	$HTMLStylesFmt['skittlish'] = '#header h1 a {padding-left: ' .$PageLogoWidth .'; background: url(' .$PageLogoUrl .') left bottom no-repeat;}';

DaveG July 10, 2009: Thanks for reporting this. I'll be totally changing this for the next version in a few days.

Page does not validate

Status: Issue addressed

Petko April 05, 2009, at 07:15 PM: I enabled this skin but it may need some fixes in order to validate.

DaveG April 05, 2009, at 9:59 PM: Problem seems to be a mismatch between the character encoding specified in the HTTP header (iso-8859-1) and the value in the <meta> element. Fixed in release 0.1.1.

Petko April 05, 2009, at 09:34 PM : Apparently not yet. I updated the skin to 0.1.1, your page still fails to validate (it would validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional). Also the site-footer does not show in the skin, but if you try to (:include:) it in the wiki page, it is visible.

DaveG April 05, 2009, at 11:08 PM: The problem isn't with the skin per se, but with the PmWiki page which is using non-strict page elements (center in a table, etc.). You're right, I could change to "transitional" -- let me see if that has any other consequences.

Footer problem was due to SkinName being all lowercase -- I uploaded a new rev that fixes that.

Petko April 06, 2009, at 08:53 PM : Updated to 0.1.2, sorry the page still neither validates, nor includes the footer. You may wish to test and validate the skin on your site before uploading a new version. I also see that the skin validates at the site of the original author, if that might help or inspire you.

DaveG April 06, 2009, at 11:20 PM: Validation was an error on my part -- I'll update that. Footer though works on both my test systems, so I'm not sure what's happening there. The initial problem was that I'd declared the $SkinName in lowercase, and the footer includes Site.$SkinName -- which is initial-caps -- however, I corrected that. I'll take a look and see what might be happening.

IDB 12 May 2009: Just tried to validate my Wiki. Found some errors in the markup:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<html dir="ltr" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="en-US"><head profile="http://gmpg.org/xfn/11">
	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
1. You have two <head> tags. Delete the second one.
2. You need a closing slash for the charset meta tag.

DaveG 25 May 2009: Thanks for the heads up. Both errors are now corrected.

Header Customization

Status: Issue addressed

Jrob? April 08, 2009 at 11:30 PM: I just installed the Skittlish theme but am having some difficulty understanding exactly how to customize the header. I see there is some documentation, but it's not clear exactly how to disable the action menu and option menu in the header. Any more specific documentation out there?

DaveG April 09, 2009 at 8:49 AM:

  • In order to customize the header edit the file Site.SiteHeader.
  • In order to turn off the action menu globally (for all pages) add this to config.php:
    SetTmplDisplay('PageActionFmt', 0);
  • In order to turn off the action menu for a single page add this to the wiki page:
  • To turn off the option menu, same as for action above, but use PageOptionsFmt and (:nooptions:)

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