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This skin is easy on the eyes and looks great on small screens, thanks! Here on cannot run PHP files by themselves in the pub/ directory, so your *.css.php files kept setting Internal Server Errors. I've had to convert these files to static *.css files and edit the template in order to install this skin. See papyrus.css, papyrus-mobile.css and papyrus.tmpl. You can easily convert the PHP files with your variables to static CSS with such a command line: php papyrus.css.php > papyrus.css. Additionally, the template usually needs at least a <!--HTMLHeader--> tag so people can set local css files and recipes that add JavaScript/CSS. See SkinTemplates and how tags/directives are implemented for the default "pmwiki" skin. --Petko August 13, 2017, at 04:14 AM

Fixed and updated, thanks! --Said Achmiz

Talk page for Papyrus (users?).