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Summary: Discussion page for Marinee.
Maintainer: DaveG
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Use this page to report issues, ask questions, or make suggestions for future improvements. If you-d like to leave a quick thank you, or would like to leave a rating, please do that on the ratings page.

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Open Questions

Closed Questions

Setting Logo Dimensions; stylsheet bug

Status: Issue fixed in 2.1.1

Allan R?., 22-Jul-2009: Lovely but a couple of small bugs. Setting of HTMLStylesFmt in skin.php should use 'px' after the PageLogoUrlHeight and PageUrlLogoWidth. Also noticed that about line 110 of style.css you start a definition but don't actually use an opening '{' so there's a css error. Once these were fixed everything looked good apart from my 250x83px logo not fitting (I'll try a smaller one for now). Thanks.

DaveG, 25-Jul-2009: Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

  • When you specify $PageLogoUrlHeight in config.php make sure it has a unit of measure with it. Marinee makes you add this in config.php rather than hard-coding to allow for other units of measure.
  • I found the missing '{', but on line 107. Are we using different versions?
  • Yeah, Marinee isn't really designed for a large logo, and there's not really a simple way around that. Sorry.


Status: Issue Resolved

Robert Link?, 2-May-2009: Love the skin, and thanks for making it! One problem so far: The wikititle links to the top of my domain rather than to the $ScriptUrl. Would love a clue.

DaveG 2-May-2009: Not quite sure I follow which title you mean. The page header can be changed by updating one of the pages: {$Group}.SiteHeader {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader {$SiteGroup}.{$SkinName}-SiteHeader Alternately the group link above the page title points to {$ScriptUrl}.{$Group}.

Increasing the center column width

Status: Issue closed

Adam 03 Sep 2008 - How can I increase the width of the centre area? what function is it in the the *.css, also any easy option for adding pictures? thanks has been very usefull so far.

Unfortunately this isn't as simple as we'd like. You need to change the width properties for the following CSS classes: container, header, content, footer-container. In addition you'll have to use an image editor to manually change the size of container.gif, container_top.gif, and footer.gif. I'll try to make this easier in a future version of the skin.

Title too long causes layout issues

Issue fixed

Steve, 9-Aug-2008: I really like this skin, it's perfect for what I need it for. I've made a couple of graphic changes to flow seamlessly into our intranet site but I would like to see if a couple of modifications can be made.

  • Add a "Last Modified: " field option.
  • If the title is too long the "View, Edit, History, Print" buttons move down over the search box. Any possibilities of fixing this?

Keep up the good work!

DaveG, 25-Jul-2009: A little late, but this is better managed in 2.0.

Installation issues

Status: Issue closed

Roger, 20-feb-2008: I'm having trouble installing your skin. I'm using pmwiki 2.1.27, copied the marinee folder into pub/skins and edited the $Skins variable in the config.php. I've tried other skins without problems.

DaveG, 20-Feb-2008: Can you give me more details on the specific problem you're having -- what exactly is going wrong? Is the skin being applied, but has some problems? Is the skin not even being applied?

  • As a few starters, make sure you set the skin, and just in case, set the skin color as well: $Skin = 'marinee'; $SkinColor = 'green';.
  • Also make sure the marinee directory name is in lower case, and spelled correctly.

History page is vertically aligned incorrectly

Issue fixed in 1.1

Blues, 2008-01-16: History page needs some fixing...

DaveG, 7-Jan-2008: On the history page, the first change appears mid-way down the page, aligned with the bottom of the right nav bar. I'll fix that in the next release.

DaveG, 25-Jul-2009: Corrected in version 1.1

Add fieldset tags for XHTML strick validation.

Issue fixed in 1.1

JDem, 2008-01-05: I have installed this skin. A very nice and smart skin. It functions perfectly for me. A suggestion: to add the <fieldset></fieldset> tag pair in the searchbox <form></form>. After what, it is fully conformant with XHTML 1.0 strict and XHTML 1.1.

DaveG, 7-Jan-2008: Good catch; I'll address it in the next release.

DaveG, 25-Jul-2009: Corrected in version 1.1

Table of Contents and UTF-8


Ravi?, 2008-01-03: I am trying this skin. I have difficulty with "table of contents (:toc:), as it is at top (proper place) in internet explorer, and at bottom (improper place) in firefox and opera. Additionally I have changed in template to display and print indic language scripts using utf-8. Site is [(approve links) edit diff].

DaveG, 7-Jan-2008: Looks like you now have a different skin on that URL. If you let me know which cookbook you are using for TOC I'll take a look. Also, let me know what you had to do to enable utf-8 -- simply the HTML header?

Adding a custom footer

Issue resolved

Thomas?, 24-Apr-2008: Thanks for this great and easy customable skin! But i would like to insert a text line with "copyright by xxx, powered by xxx" on the bottom of the page. Could someone explain me how to insert this? I tried with "$SkinCopyright" and "$SkinDirUrl" in config.php, but this doesn't work with this skin? Thanks a lot!

DaveG, 24-Apr-2008: The page [={$Group}=].GroupFooter and Site.SiteFooter contain the text for the footer. So simply edit either of those pages and put whatever text or variable references you need.

Horizontal line

Issue fixed in 1.0.1

Tom, 2007-11-9: I like this skin. I'm using it for a personal wiki. Four hyphens won't make a horizontal line, at least in Safari. I get the lines when using other skins. Any suggestions?

DaveG, 11-Nov-2007: That was an error on my part. It's now fixed with version 1.0.1 (11-Nov-2007).

Adding a logo

Issue fixed

Steven?, 2007-10-28: I'm trying to put a solid white logo in the top left corner, and I'm having trouble getting it to fit into the layout. I've tried adding the logo to the skin.tmpl file and aligning it, but it aligns about an inch down the page. Any recommendations would be helpful. Other than that, I think the skin is great. Here is the page I'm using it on,

DaveG, 29-Oct-07: Looks like you managed to get it working. For those who are trying to do something similar, refer to the FAQ. (Steven: Feel free to update or add to the FAQ if you ended up using another method.)

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