A long time ago (~Pmwiki 2.0beta) a friend asked me help to implement PmWiki...
Today I'm hosting more than 80 PmWiki Fields in a PmWiki Farm (V2.1 & 2.2b) for my Alumni


Here are my contributions:

Cookbook /
AuthUser  PmWiki built-in user authentication system using user names and passwords (Stable)
BackupPages-Talk  Talk page for BackupPages.
CleanUrls-archive  How to make clean urls (Old version)
EProtect-Talk  Discussion of EProtect
ExcelPaste-Talk  Talk page for ExcelPaste.
FarmApacheConfiguration  An attempt to secure a Pmwiki Farm with apache configuration
FarmApacheConfiguration-Talk  Talk Page for FarmApacheConfiguration recipe
FontSizer  Add buttons for instant font (text) resizing, preferrences are stored (stable)
SpellChecker  How to enable spell-cheking on a wiki
WikiForms  Use a form template to create, edit and list wiki pages (Stable)
WikiFormsFeatureRequests  Feature requests for the WikiForms recipe
my PITS:PITS entries
(:pagelist group=PITS order=-time $:From=*isidor*,*Isidor* fmt={$FullName}#pitsentry :)
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||[-[[{=$FullName}]]-] ||[-''{=$:Status}''-] ||[-{=$LastModifiedSummary}-] ||[-{=$:Summary}-] ||
PITS.00326Suspendedskins linkRequest to Include MultiLanguage into the std pmwiki distrib
PITS.00291Closed - available in 2.1.7closed - available in 2.1.7MailPosts enhancement to support Group/Page "$MailPostsTo" parameters
PITS.00958Closed (fixed in 2.2.x stable)Closed (fixed in 2.2.x stable)Nothing on SiteAdmin/SiteAdmin page
PITS.00940Opende-spamLocalization issue in function Abort
PITS.00939Closed - repliedClosed - repliedIssue with Notify.php
PITS.00933Closedclosed, change in DocumentationAuthentification lost when validating attributes action attr
PITS.00921ClosedMissing lines in Site/Site page
PITS.00920Closedclosed by upgradingBug with $DefaultGroup / $DefaultName in pmwiki21
PITS.00919Closed (Added to core for 2.2.1)Closed (Added to core for 2.2.1)Add a quiet option in redirect markup
PITS.00918Openplease provide i18n in targz format
PITS.00808Closed - now available on pmwiki.orgRequest for a RoadMap page
PITS.00693SuspendedPm, will this PITS could be Re Open for Pmwiki2.2 ?issue with $HandleAuth['xxxx'] ='admin'
PITS.00692ClosedClosedHow to change HandleAction login
PITS.00581Closed - added in 2.1.beta35Parameter to protect Site.SideBar
PITS.00514Closed - abandonedclosed - abandonedAuthUser LPDAP, SSO improvement
PITS.00513Closed - add to cookbookrestoreautorise IP to view protected pages by id:*
PITS.00511Closed - already existssession_start() as an optional possibility
PITS.00538 Closed - Cookbook:Edit-RestrictedProfile recipeOption to edit protect Profile Page to Author only
PITS.00465Closed - cannot duplicaterestoresession_start (was Issue with Session and session_id )
PITS.00463Closed - fixed in 2.0.5i18n issue due to Site.EditXxx
PITS.00523Closedrestored Allow robot.txt entries to come from a wiki page
PITS.00961Opende defaceIssue with nopass / @nopass when upgrading pmwiki