这篇pmwiki手册列表,详细的介绍了pmwik的使用, 管理和一些常见问题解决办法。当然你可以寻求PmWiki社区的帮助。

这里是一份PmWiki中文手册,目前大部分内容还有待翻译,期待您的参与。它的最新文档可以通过 获取。 你如果觉得需要,可以学习文档编写原则,翻译PmWiki文档,让更多的中文用户受益。




  • Wiki构造 - PmWiki structural support for page organization
  • Wiki组 - Organising pages into related groups
  • Group headers - Group Header and Group Footer page usage
  • Wiki trails - Trails from lists items from a single page
  • 页面历史 - 自定义页面历史记录
  • 密码 - General use of passwords and login
  • 分类 - Categories are a way to organize and find related pages
  • 页面列表 - Searching and listing pages by multiple criteria with templated output
  • 附近列表 - Get a list of files uploaded and attached to a group using (:attachlist:) (Directives to specify page titles, descriptions, keywords, and display)
  • 删除页面 - 如何删除页面,进行相关维护
  • Wkik元素 - An introduction to PmWiki page elements and features
  • 特殊页面 - Pages in PmWiki that have special meaning or are created or updated in a special manner






  • AuthUser - Authorization system that uses usernames and passwords
  • 黑名单 - Blocking IP addresses, phrases, and expressions to counteract spam and vandalism.
  • (邮件)通知 - How to receive email messages whenever pages are changed on the whole wiki site, individual groups or selected watchlists of pages
  • 密码管理经验 - More password options for the administrator
  • Ref count - Link references counts on pages
  • 外链审核 - Require approval of Url links


  • 变量 - Variables available for local customisation
  • 函数 - How some of the functions in pmwiki.php work
  • 页面文件格 - Create wiki formatted pages in bulk and for upload to your pmwiki site


  • 受众 - Patrick Michaud 关于 PmWiki 设计目标所涉及的"受众"的评论
  • 贡献者 - A list of contributors to PmWiki development and improvement
  • 邮件列表 - The email discussion lists available and their archives
  • PmWiki Philosophy - This page describes some of the ideas that guide the design and implementation of PmWiki
  • 设计手册 - Some of the features and notes about PmWiki's design decisions
  • 发行说明 - Log of changes made to PmWiki by Release
  • 媒体报道 - References to PmWiki media coverage
  • 术语表 - 与PmWiki相关的术语解释
  • 介绍? loop trail

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