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This misses the point of thumbnails, namely to provide a smaller preview so that not the whole, big image file has to be transferred.

Suggestion: Change it so that the thumbnail gets a set prefix.

One would have to upload the thumbnail separately, though. Anke March 23, 2006, at 04:58 AM

I have to respectfully disagree that the point of using thumbnail image links is to preserve bandwidth by having a second version of an image in a smaller size. The main point is to preserve page area in the layout (pixels in the browser's viewport), not bandwidth. That's not to say preserving bandwidth isn't sometimes important or using a separate thumbnail image isn't desirable. :-) Ideally the web server should create the thumbnail image automatically. --Hagan

I vote for saving bandwidth. My parents live at the lake and rely on dialup. --Susan

Customise the image page
I wasn't happy with the image appearing on a blank page, so I customised the page that the full size image appears on. In thumblink.php, near the bottom, you'll find a line which reads:

if (!$text) $text = '(:noleft:)(:noright:)(:notitle:)(:noheader:)(:nofooter:)'

After some experimentation, I found that you can remove the (:no*:) markup to have certain sections of your wiki appear on the page. Ex. I wanted my left menu bar to appear, so I removed (:noleft:). I also wanted a link on the image page to let the visitor know they can click the image and be taken back to the gallery page. So, I replaced the above "if" line with the following:

if (!$text) $text = 'Click the below image to return to the gallery[[<<]]'

Pm, Much of the code started out as code that was appropriated from the PmWiki core. I'm especially concerned about the code that follows "// TODO: I don't know what this does!". -Hagan

It strips eventual slashes added by the RegExp engine. --Petko January 19, 2009, at 11:12 PM

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