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  • I wrote this recipe, but it became too complex, so I now use Mini (more). --Petko January 17, 2010, at 09:48 PM
  • I use this recipe on multiple websites, and I recommend it for its reliability, performance, and comprehensive functionality - meeting a number of different requirements. Yes its complex, but it is well documented and produces great results. --simon January 18, 2010, at 04:23 PM
  • Very smart, very handy. I love it has so many options and can use dedicated template. --gb January 30, 2010, at 04:48 PM
  • (+) Works great. Scott Connard January 31, 2010, at 06:46 AM
  • (+) Great work! han baas Oktober 16, 2010
  • (+) Great job! Thinking about switching to Mini, tho... ccc March 14, 2011
  • (+) Very useful! This recipe replaced two others in my wiki. Good job! - Ian MacGregor August 30, 2012
  • (+) Still like it very much TomG 2012-11-03
  • (+) Works great. Benji January 09, 2014, at 07:09 AM
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User notes for the ThumbList² recipe (talk).