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This code was derived from an example on James Cridland's website,

This link is unfortunately outdated MFWolff September 07, 2019, at 07:57 AM

There is a copy at --Petko September 07, 2019, at 11:16 AM

Wouldn't use this recipe in the current form

I wouldn't use this recipe in the current form, apparently it does individual requests to, for every link to be shortened in the page, every time a visitor opens the page. This appears very inefficient. It could be rewritten as a $ROEPatterns entry that would rewrite the long links into short links once and store these in the page without needing more requests to But it would be better if you could keep somewhere safe the original links, in case the shortening service closes. --Petko September 07, 2019, at 11:16 AM

Talk page for the ShortURLs recipe (users?).