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A through AZ B through BZ C through CZ titles listing

I will have a large wiki with lots of play titles. I would like to be able to have separate pagelists containing section A titles, section B titles, section C titles, etc. instead of one large alphabetical listing of titles. Is this possible with pagelist? PL 20060218

You can use wildcards for this:
      !!!A section: 
      (:pagelist group=Plays list=normal name=A* :)
      !!!B section:
      (:pagelist group=Plays list=normal name=B* :)
      !!!C section:
      (:pagelist group=Plays list=normal name=C* :)
      !!!X Y Z section
      (:pagelist group=Plays list=normal name=X*,Y*,Z* :) 


Searching for page names only (not content)

In a large wiki, pages are often named systematically, so I sometimes need to get a list of pages with specific name parts (the Linux ls *name* thing). I couldn't find a way to configure it (list=xxx allows so but only for predefined patterns), so I added the following code to pagelist.php (beta36) near line 111 next to the 'group' option:

  if ($opt['named']) array_unshift($pats,"/({$opt['named']})/i");

Then with

  (:pagelist named=ReleaseNotes list=normal:)

I get (very quick) a list of all pages containing "ReleaseNotes" in their name. Wouldn't that be worth adding to the mainline code? tpahl

Listing all groups except one

(:pagelist group= -PmWiki:) will list from all groups execpt PmWiki. See Directives#pagelist?


(:pagelist group=Recipes list=normal apple pie:) lists all pages with apple AND pie in them, how do I get a list of all pages with apple OR pie?


I would suggest use two pagelist directives:
(:pagelist group=Recipes list=normal apple :)
(:pagelist group=Recipes list=normal pie:)
This unfortunately list all pages that have both apple and pie on them twice.

(:pagelist group=Recipes list=normal -apple -pie:) lists all pages without apple OR pie, how do I get a list of all pages without apple AND pie in them?

How to exclude more than one group

This is possible from pmwiki 2.1.beta21 onwards using this syntax:

   (:pagelist group=-xxx,-yyy,-zzz :)

(HansB gave me this hint - Thanks!) Note : attention as mentioned in others pages the separator is NOT the comma but the space between two groups name

Does this apply to the name parameter too, eg

 (:pagelist group=TrampingReports order=-name list=normal name=-2005*,-HomePage,-Template:)

What about a way to list the "spaced" versions of the titles?

  (:pagelist group=Main.* fmt=titlespaced :)

-Jonathan Cross (jcross--gmail)

This can easily be done with pagelisttemplates. Just us {=$Titlespaced} inside your titlespaced format. See PagelistTemplateSamples. Martin Fick October 15, 2006, at 12:38 PM

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