I'm Dirk Blaas. I live in the Netherlands. I work as a IS and ICT architect. I am preparing to go live with a PmWiki for my (field-) hockey club. One of the main reasons for me to choose PmWiki is the simplicity of the password system. I would hate to get the burdon of an user authentication administration. With the present system, based on group-password attributes, i can make domains within the website. Does it for me. Not seen with the other Wiki's.


I saw your question in the ReleaseNotes, I'm answering it here. You asked:

Is there a way to keep the former passwording system (remember previously entered passwords)? Suited my purposes better.

The new passwording system continues to remember passwords for editing and accessing pages -- it only "forgets" the passwords when a password is changed on a page. If you want the passwords to be remembered even in this case, I can create a switch for it. Email me at pmichaud [snail] pobox [period] com. --Pm

Follow on discussion with Pm has resulted in him creating the switch in beta 24. If anayone is interested in reasons for me to keep the 'old' system in place, let me know (either on this page or on the users mailgroup. --DirkBlaas