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Cookbook:SubgroupMarkup incompatibility

I'm trying this out, but can't get

Maxi:[=Trips.2023-02-16Canada,TrailMaps/Whitewater trailmap_inside_22_23-01_-_summit.2400x1333p83x51_cr.png=] | Whitewater Summit trail map

or even

Maxi:[=Whitewater trailmap_inside_22_23-01_-_summit.2400x1333p83x51_cr.png=]

to work.
I suspect it is because I'm using SubgroupMarkup which introduces a "," into the file name simon

This might work in 20230724, however I recommend not wrapping the file names in [=...=]. For some reason this wraps the picture in a link and it may cause the captions to be misaligned. You may also want to add to local.css:

a:empty, a:empty + br {display: none; }



Is there any way to configure Maxi so that ctrl-scroll is required to zoom image? I.e. so that the normal scrolling behavior of the browser is preserved with using the scroll wheel. simon

This should work from 20230724, set to config.php $FmtPV['$Maxi2CtrlReq'] = 1;. In Full-Screen mode, scrolling-to-zoom will work without pressing the Ctrl key. --Petko


It looks like the "| caption" markup isn't supported yet simon

This should work from 20230724, but see above some styles you may need. --Petko

[Closed] Is there any way to restrict zooming out ?

Is there any way to restrict zooming out, so the picture could not become smaller than it was when firstly loaded? Or in some other way with similar behavior.


Not currently, but you can double-click or double-tap to restore the initial zoom factor. --Petko

[Solved] Is there any way to make some default zoom when page is just loaded?


Yes, if you wrap the image in a division block with a specified width. --Petko


[Solved] Problem with big pics

I have a .JPG picture 6 698 232 bytes size and 5787x4093 resolution. Using Maxi2 to show it, I noticed that sometimes the script is not working (there are no controls and no zoom). It happens about 1 of 10 times F5 was pressed. Under Firefox/Chrome, PmWiki 2.1.139 and localhost web-server. It happens almost every time when F5 is pressed firstly right after CTRL+F5.

The problem does not appear when CTRL+F5 is pressed instead of F5. I think the problem appears when the picture is being read from browser cache.


Can you attach the picture here and I'll look into it. --Petko

I've uploaded resized image (<5MB only allowed). You can check the problem here:

Curious bug, thanks for this report. It seems your server has different caching settings for pictures and for the JS, so when you do simple refresh, the picture is already loaded/cached before the maxi2.js is processed. Maxi2 attaches a "load" event on the picture, that never happens as the pic is already loaded. In version 20230408, if the pic is loaded, it will directly make it zoomable, otherwise will attach the event listener. Please test it and report if it works.

Note that it may still take some time for the large pic to load, depending on the connection speed, but then it should be made zoomable. --Petko

Great, Petko, thanks! I've tested new version, it's OK. Finar

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