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New version 2020-08-12 with new version of Markdownify

The version of Markdown Output that I’ve just uploaded adds the config variable $MarkdownIgnoreForeignAttributes (see description on recipe page). This is necessary in order to process almost any HTML whatsoever, because the vast majority of HTML nowadays has various attributes on many tags, and until now, this recipe would simply fail to process any tag with almost any attribute (including class, title, and many others).

In order to make this change, I had to modify the included Markdownify scripts themselves. Markdownify seems to be long-abandoned (the latest version—previously included with this recipe—is from 2007, and the author no longer even lists Markdownify on his website), so this was the only way.

I note this here so that no one accidentally breaks this recipe by replacing the included (modified) Markdownify with the (old) ‘official’ version!

Said Achmiz August 12, 2020, at 04:34 PM

PHP Fatal error

I got this error in my error log after installing:

  PHP Fatal error:  Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in
  /var/www/pmwiki/cookbook/markdown-output/markdownify/markdownify.php on line 514

I solved this by replacing the markdownify directory with a newer one, downloaded from sourceforge:

Works fine now!

Arend Lammertink, Mon Oct 3 16:09:09 CEST 2016

Thanks for the note. You could consider uploading the updated package (and even taking over the maintenance of this recipe). The original author Eemeli has moved to other projects. --Petko October 04, 2016, at 01:58 AM

I uploaded the updated package, and changed the link. (Also, this is confirmed working on pmwiki version 2.2.104.) —Said Achmiz December 22, 2017, at 08:06 PM

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