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Feel free to experiment with horizontal drop-down style menus below.

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  • Fruits
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    • TheBiggestOrange
  • Skins
    • AccessKeySkin
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      • Installation
      • Download
    • MarathonSkin
      • Summary
      • Installation
      • Download
    • BronwynSkin
      • Summary
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      • Download
    • BeeblebroxNetGila
    • LinesSkin
    • DropDownSkin
    • JHSkin
    • GeminiSkin
    • LeanSkin
    • SchlaeferTwoSkin
    • RecurveSkin
    • PhpNetSkin
  • Search Engines
    • Goooogle
      • yahooo
      • I guess you know it...
      • I guess you know it...
        • I guess you know it...
        • I guess you know it...
      • I guess you know it...
    • Hayoooo!
      • I bet you used it...
    • Clusty...
      • A new user-friendly clustering engine!

-- Isn't this a vertical menu?


-- did you try rolling over the menu with your mouse? --Pm

I'm confused.... how can it be made to display across the top of the page like the example cited at the top of the page?


It doesn't work for me. I'm using it on a SideBar.

-Well, horizontal may not be the right term (more drop-down to me!), but very easy to use. I have even used the next level to add comment (cf the example above) --JCG

- Why this very neat menu does not work in a sidebar ?? --JCG

Any fixes for IE? --JPH

It looks like the file hmenu.php has been replaced with a gif. Does anybody have the original file? -- Rik Blok? January 22, 2010, at 03:53 PM

I confirm that hmenu.php is currently a gif. Petko (or Pm) can you recover the script? The example above is still working on this page. -- SchreyP June 05, 2010, at 05:05 AM

Restored. --Petko June 05, 2010, at 05:34 AM

Talk page for the HorizontalMenu recipe (users?).