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It works fine for me, except the topic title and link to the topic page get messed up if a period is used in the topic title field when a new topic is posted. Perhaps someone with the know-how could address that?

Also, I would prefer that the list of links to topic pages use the topic title as their link text, instead of having a topic page link followed by the topic title in plain text. Perhaps someone with the know-how could also address that? :)


  • Hello, I managed to get the correct markup and to be able to create a comment, but the summaries show up in the middle of my Main.HomePage. I was wondering if there was some variable that controls where the summary lines are placed. -JonS
  • I am seeing the same problem as described above, any fix for it? Thx.
  • What's about problem above? Anybody solve this? Many Tnx XoXa
  • What about having the "Name" automatically filled with the value from the wiki author cookie? -Uli
  • Entering something like "123" in title results in Warning: unlink(wiki.d/.): Is a directory in ~/pmwiki.php on line 538 PmWiki can't process your request Cannot write page to 1423e9f30.1423e9f30 (wiki.d/.)...changes not saved error message -Uli
  • I have this script installed on my site... it seems to be working fine for me. I have also address the concern Oneida had above about the topic page link and the topic link. I changed:
    ||[[".substr($newpage,strpos($newpage,'.')+1)."]] $topictitle  || to:
    ||[[".substr($newpage,strpos($newpage,'.')+1)." | $topictitle]]  ||
    ... that makes the topic title display as the link to the forum topic instead of the page name. I also added a (:title common forum title:) to the Group Header for my forum group so that the page name doesn't display at the top - just a short name for the forum (each page displays the topic title anyway!).
  • Looks like it doesn't work with CleanUrls. Maybe it's something like a problem with a guestbook? XoXa 30-MAR-2005 Ver. pmwiki-2.0.beta26
  • I'm having the same problem as someone above. Unless I actually put the (:$Forum:) markup on my home page all the posts get put in amongst the text of the first paragraph on my home page. Any ideas?
  • I would like to have the last three topics of the forum in a short form in the sidebar (only the topics). Is there an easy way to do this? -RobertHoehndorf?
    • Ok, I solved that. It is quite dirty and probably works for me only, but if anyone is interested, I will upload the new php-file. -RobertHoehndorf?
  • ouch! The topic replies do not show in the recent changes !!! Is it possible to allow this ? jmi
  • No one has a solution for the problem where posts end up on the Main.HomePage instead of Forum.HomePage? It would be greatly appreciated.
  • Ok, I've hacked a bit the module so that the location where the posts end up now is correct.. at least fo me :-) Link: forum3.phpΔ Profiles/LucaMariano
  • ^ Awesome Luca, many thanks - is there a quick way to make the "Post a Message to this Forum" chunk appear below posts instead of above them?
  • Is Luca's solution already represented in the latest forum.phpΔ? (I have deleted a few of the solved issues from this discussion, too, in order to avoid the impression that they are still unresolved.) --Henning June 30, 2005, at 07:25 AM
  • Great script, I use it on all my sites, but is there any way to have a counter of replies? Or at least some way to indicate that there has been a reply to a post? As replies do not show up in AllRecentChanges, knowing when there is activity on the forum is hard. Thanks! Gazunta? August 12, 2005
  • Does it make sense to implement another php forum? phpBB seems to offer all you want from a forum. Hitcher 10/10/2005

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