I discoverd PM Wiki looking for an ideal CMS for my needs. I was looking for a simple and extensible site that was very easy to maintain. I am involved in the Ubuntu Community. I have also dabbled in some php coding myself.

Website: [(approve links) edit diff]

Email: tjaustinbardo AT gmail DOT com

Freenode: ausimage

Recipes Submitted

  • BlogParser - A simple blog parser based on kind-of blog. It locates specific directive markup on pages with names that are in 20070615 date format. It uses page variables located within the block to create the full RSS item markup and creates a new action.
  • DataSections - Create formated lists of PTVs stored between anchor blocks on another page.
  • EnhancedWebFeeds - Enhances native PM Wiki Feed support by adding tags to define item descriptions. It adds markup to designate a description for each item, as well as a template for additional tags.