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  • In editmore.php, line 140, the capitalization of $EMTitleInputDisplay should be correct. It is all lowercase in the current version, causing php to ignore it. (2014-10-08 funkyboris?)
  • looks great, can it cope with page text variables, eg Summary (viz ( :Summary:Page summary here: )
  • can it make the change summary mandatory?
  • please note that skins may use another edit-form. Triad uses Site.Popup-EditForm for example.
    • This should be fine as you can add the new (:input's anywhere.
  • thanks. this is very useful. however, here are a few bugs/corrections i noticed and would suggest incorporating:
    • was unable to change the size/width of Tags b/c the $EMTagsInputDisplay is printed in lowercase as $emtagsinputdisplay when placed in the stylesheet (same for $emdescriptioninputdisplay, $emnotesinputdisplay, etc...)
    • when using tags: once tags are entered and saved, if you go back to change them, they aren't being removed from the text-area... instead they're being appended to an evergrowing list of all the tags you've ever entered. the result is that the $:tags variable remains assigned to the earliest entry.
      • example: 1st enter: tag1, tag2... Save, then change your mind, and enter: tag1, tag3
      • when you come back the next time, tag1, tag2 will still be in there, and when posted to the screen they're not changing
    • figured out that the problem is solved if you change this:
      • $new['text'] = "(:tags:".$new['tags'].":)\n".$new['text']; ---> to
      • $new['text'] = "(:tags:".$new['tags'].":)\n"; // old 'text' begone!!

overtones99 March 02, 2008, at 06:56 AM

  • keywords and title also mass replicating with every save
    • ... and again, just discovered that the same thing happens as in the above note, but with (:keywords:) and (:title:)
      ** overtones99 May 05, 2008, at 04:58 PM
      • It's actually working just fine for me. Maybe a little more information about your setup? Mike Stop Continues January 13, 2009, at 01:32 AM
  • For me this doesn't work at all. The forms show up, but adding text doesn't have any effect. Only tried with the Title so far, but I can't change the title with the form. Bergwitz
    • I have the same problem. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it? eseval

Hi this breaks "delete" page function. replaceing all text with "delete" does not delete the page anymore. Using this with gemini skin.
# Enhanced Edit functions

 $EMFields = array('title','keywords','tags');

Title: (:input e_title :)

 Keywords: (:input e_keywords :)
 Tags: (:input e_tags :)

Anyone have any ideas???
Apart from that very nice recipe
Regards Nigel

What are the chances of getting a version compatible with PHP5.5? Regards, Russ - September 10, 2015

Replace "/seix" with "/si" and remove a space on the line 96:

  SDV($EMNotesPattern,'/ \\(:notes:\\)(.*?)\\(:notesend:\\)/seix'); //special definition

so it would become:

  SDV($EMNotesPattern,'/\\(:notes:\\)(.*?)\\(:notesend:\\)/si'); //special definition

For "strict" compliance, line 125:

  $EMNameCall = array_pop(explode('.',$pagename));

can be written like:

  list(, $EMNameCall) = explode('.',$pagename);

Petko September 10, 2015, at 03:55 PM

--Thanks, Petko! ~Russ

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