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You can include an inputform like CommentBox in the Comment.GroupHeader or Comment.GroupFooter. If you want to have a special describtion for non-existing discussionpages ( like: "There is no discussion for this articel") paste the following line to the end of your config.php

 $DefaultPageTextFmt = '(:include $Site.DefaultPageTemplate:)';

Then you can customize the look of your $DefaultPageTextFmt per group:

 (:if group Comments:)
 There is no discussion for this article \\
 You can start one here ... \\
(:if ! group Comments:)
 {$Name} doesn't exist. \\
 You can describe it [[{$Name}?action=edit| here]] 


I had done some work on it and had satisfatory results.
Please visit "http://insteps.net/notebook2" to download the skin.
In "skin.php" you would find the code. There is a corresponding entry for link in "skin.tmpl" file.
There is small glitch i.e when you change the '$DefaultDiscussName" to any word of not 7 characters.
Please free to implement the word length part.
Otherwise it seems ok with simple functionality.
Just make similar entry of the code in your choice of skin.
Hope its useful.

Note: Pm also has some plans to implement a discussion/talk like feature. May its worth waiting.

I have modified disctab for my own needs, disctab_2.phpΔ :

  • adding $DiscussionAllowedGroup variable to control which group/page (in fact it's only a page prefix regexp checking) can have discussion. e.g. $DiscussionAllowedGroup = array('Main','PmWiki','Cookbook.DiscussionTab');
  • adding $DiscussionExceptGroup variable to control which group/page to exclude from discussion. e.g. $DiscussionExceptGroup = array('Site');
  • adding $DiscussionString to make the '-Discuss-' string configurable.
  • adding $DiscussionGroup to make the 'Comments' belonging group configurable.
  • adding (:if hasDiscuss:) to indicates at the commment page that: 1. The comment page's mother exists, 2. The comment page's mother is allowed to have discussion

--Jacky 31 Mar 2006

The installation of disctab is very unclear. For example, where do the two lines of code under 'Solution' go in monobook.tmpl?? Can someone please give clear step-by-step description?? Thanks! --Sameer 25 Jul 2007

I am also having some problems in knowing where in monobook.tmpl the two lines of code should go, and the added tabs and page are ones that I would dearly like to add to my own work. Thanks. --Qu Dawei 5 Apr 2009

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