Name: Marc Seibert
from: Berlin - Germany

using PmWiki since 2003 as

  • a private notebook and personal homepage
  • in several projects for school and university

Some little helpers:

I saved these scripts in my pmwiki root:

Update script for pmwiki on *nix-servers

 cd ../
 cp -Rfv pmwiki-*/* pmwiki
 rm -rf pmwiki-*

WARNING: This removes all directories containing "pmwiki-" (not "pmwiki")!!

Update new cookbook recipes

 cd cookbook
 ls > filelist
 sed 's/^/http:\/\/\/pmwiki\/uploads\/Cookbook\//' filelist > list
 wget -Ni list
 rm list
 rm filelist

This only works for single php-files not zipped recipes because they are not allways standard conform.