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  • Great idea! One question... how does PmWiki do a search on compressed files? Uncompress them one at a time? What does this do to response time on searches? Keith Campbell
    • To be honest, I'm not really sure, but as soon a file is opened (read) it is decompressed, i.e. a PHP function is used that handles compressed files directly.Klonk
    • The files are uncompressed as they are read, so searches may be slightly slower but shouldn't be noticeably slower. --Pm
  • Just for information: I had this script running for 6 weeks now and encountered no problems :) Klonk
    • This is a great recipe but it doesn't work with Cookbook.CreditsBlock.
      • I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work. What I once noticed that I had to take care to call his script as early as possible as otherwise some page could not be read after editing, thus compressing them. BTW as I included Cookbook.CreditsBlock I didn't get any display. No matter whether I included pagestoregz or not.--Klonk
        • You are correct! I placed include_once('cookbook/pagestoregz.php'); as the second line in my config.php (after turning on zlib compression) and now everything works wonderfully, including Cookbook.CreditsBlock. Thank you for your assistance.
  • Good work but I found problem with wikifarm. If pages under $FarmD/wiki.d/ are compressed and one field wiki uses a page, for example Main.ABC which does not exist in the field wiki but does in $FarmD/wiki.d/, the field one will use $FarmD/wiki.d/Main.ABC but display nothing. --weijiang September 25, 2005, at 09:47 AM
    • Make sure to load pagestoregz.php early enough in your config.php! This can make a great difference! - Klonk
  • I am sorry, but is it possible to use similar technique to uploaded files? I mean, it would be great if you can upload some files and the would saved compressed. I think this problem can be solved as web-server extension but i don't want to have apache on my pocket flash drive. Michael Savchuk -> mailto:mehos1 [snail] yandex [period] ru
  • This does not see to work with the PerGroupSubDirectories recipe. Jonathan Cutrer

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