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  • I am trying to get the Captchas to display an image instead of text. When I set the $EnableCaptchaImage=1 in config.php, I find that the image of the numbers does not display, though the text displays just fine. Any ideas what's going on? (Posted 07-03-07)
  • I just tried it with CaptchaAction('upload'); and had to set the absolute path to the default.ttf font manually. Apart from that the captcha shows up, I can type the code in, it seems to validate, but in the end I get this:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in cookbook/captcha.php on line 83
Something seems to be wrong with the OrigHandleActions array. I don't know if the following is of any use, but here's part of the output I get if I uncomment the lines above line 83:
[OrigHandleActions] => Array
            [upload] => 

I've installed it successfully with my mailform and guestbook, but I hat to modify the code in captcha.php:
2 times. Now it works properly. You can test it at:

Would be nice (for me) to have the captcha form on same side as the mailform. I'll try to do it. Actually no clue if it's possible - at least it will be difficult!
How I've to proceed with UserAuth?

-Armin (2006-11-04)

  • also be excellent to have the captcha on the edit form page rather than a separate 'unbranded' page

I'd love to see a modification of this recipe to support Carnagie-Mellon's excellent (and useful) Re-Captcha. They provide code for MediaWiki and other platforms. Someone want to port it? --Leo Laporte

  • to protect comments if using commentboxstyled.php just add on line 12 of captcha.php :
if ($action == 'comment')

seems to work fine for me! -JoelMig (2007-08-22)

  • You can integrate this Captcha recipe into your Site.EditForm by adding markup just above the (:input e_savebutton:) line, like this:
{$Captcha} (:input captcha:)
(:input e_savebutton:)

I was unable to get this recipe to work until I edited captcha_image.php and changed HTTP_GET_VARS to _GET -Steve (2007-08-31)

It looks like the captchas aren't screenreader friendly for persons with visual impairments? Also, how would they operate in a text-only browser such as lynx? Can a text-only or screenreader browser be detected to change to text-only captchas? XES April 18, 2019, at 09:27 AM

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