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Local Image Rotation

Can AutoPlay automatically display a locally hosted image when the page loads (without the user clicking on anything), and have that image change to another locally hosted image every n seconds - for example, a continuous cycle of five png images taking turns without user action? I'm not aware of any PmWiki recipe that claims to do this, but I probably am just unfamiliar with the jargon used by image recipes.

It would be even better to be able to use pagelist to select a set of pages that have attached images - e.g. a rotating series of photos of PmWiki developers, with a quote and contact info beneath each photo. -- RandyB August 17, 2014, at 03:47 PM

MiniGalleria can do this with the autoplay class -- probably Galleria too. --Petko August 17, 2014, at 04:26 PM

Future recipe deprecating this one

I'm working on a recipe combining AutoPlay and EmbedOpenStreetMap which share a very similar core (and the GMap-like multiple markers in a map). For a preview, go here.

I'm not sure how should I name the hybrid recipe. --Petko April 11, 2014, at 05:01 PM

looks sort of like you are enabling 'web services' into PmWiki, perhaps 'WikiService', or 'UseService', or 'ConsumeService', or 'PmWikiLink', or 'ViewPort', or 'LinkView' --Simon

Maybe Embed? -- RandyB April 11, 2014, at 11:51 PM

Thanks! Actually one of my choices was AutoEmbed but haven't decided yet (now the files are named "ape" for AutoPlayEmbed but this may change). The cool things are these are simple "Share" links so people without javascript or the recipe disabled can use the links, also every frame is loaded conditionally so supporting a new provider or format like FreeMind will be simply adding a line in the code and wouldn't charge the webpage or download all libraries if there isn't an embedded object that needs them. --Petko April 12, 2014, at 01:29 AM

The recipe also shares some code with UnToggle and DeObMail (and less with AutoTOC) but I'm not sure if all these can be combined together. :-) --Petko April 12, 2014, at 11:47 AM

RenderWithJavascript? FailSafeRender? ... -- RandyB April 12, 2014, at 01:00 PM

Thanks, more and more I like AutoPmWikiEmbed (Ape) or AutoWikiEmbed (Awe). The former abbreviation is kinda funny and not obvious, the latter seems a little pretentious. :-) --Petko April 17, 2014, at 03:24 PM

First impressions

Does this recipe allow scaling or width setting? For example, swf-sites.php (Cookbook:Flash) makes the following video small simply by putting the URL on the page or in the sidebar: -- RandyB April 06, 2014, at 04:27 PM

Yes, added to the documentation in the Usage section. --Petko April 06, 2014, at 04:50 PM

The resizing didn't work for me under Safari, Chrome, and Omniweb, but did work under Opera, Firefox, and SeaMonkey:

%player width=50pct height=200px% %% 
%player width=100pct height=400px% %% 

Also, is there a way to make the URL only appear if javascript is off, or not appear at all? Is it a required feature of the recipe? -- RandyB April 06, 2014, at 10:39 PM

Thanks for testing and reporting. Version 20140407b should fix the dimensions, and hide the link. --Petko April 06, 2014, at 11:58 PM

It works so far for me on my desktop now. I notice on my IOS devices it just shows the link. I've tried both Chrome and Safari there. (I hadn't tested those previously.) -- RandyB April 07, 2014, at 09:57 AM

Both Vimeo and Youtube videos work with Safari on my iPad and iPhone with 20140407b. Is JavaScript enabled? --Petko April 07, 2014, at 10:56 AM

Very odd. Yes, Javascript is enabled. == RandyB April 07, 2014, at 11:32 AM

  1. Another thought: why only show the video in browse mode? Why not in preview as well?
  2. Some odd behavior: I've got creole enabled (if that makes a difference), and tried this:
This first link appears as a video:
%player width=98pct height=100px%

%player width=98pct height=100px% \\ \\ \
If there are multiple links, the first on the line briefly appears as a link, not a video, then disappears:\\ [--- ---] \\ \\This appears as a link, not a video:\\ [--- ---] \\ \\So does this:\\ [--- ---]

This link appears as a link, even though it is identical to the first one:
%player width=98pct height=100px%

This first link appears as a video:

\\ \\ If there are multiple links, the first on the line briefly appears as a link, not a video, then disappears:\\ \\ \\This appears as a link, not a video:\\ \\ \\So does this:\\

This link appears as a link, even though it is identical to the first one:

-- RandyB April 07, 2014, at 04:06 PM

Thanks again for testing the recipe. The problem was that the second link was not immediately preceded by the %player% style, it was in another element (span/small), so there was an error, which caused the script to stop and not to process the next links. This should be fixed with 20140408. Does it work with your iDevices? (It works with mine.) --Petko April 08, 2014, at 08:59 AM

You're welcome - I'm glad to help. Yes, the 20140408 version works on my desktop, but it still just gives me links on my IOS devices. Those are up-to-date with IOS. I powered down one device and reopened Chrome just in case there was a caching issue. -- RandyB April 08, 2014, at 09:34 AM

I have no problems with Safari or Chrome. It really may be a caching issue, if so, renaming the file to eg. autoplay2.js and changing the $HTMLFooterFmt line should fix it -- please report any success. BTW, on iPad Safari you can enable a development console and see any errors. --Petko April 08, 2014, at 12:32 PM

BTW, is there a reason to limit inclusion of the recipe to browse and preview? It might be nice to put a video in the sidebar that demonstrates editing or searching that editors can view while they are doing those activities. -- RandyB April 08, 2014, at 09:45 AM

I don't like loading stuff when I don't need it. You can enable the script for any action, remove the "if(...){" part and the last "}". Indeed, having a video while editing may be great. --Petko April 08, 2014, at 12:32 PM

Renaming to autoplay2.js and changing the src in the script to match didn't help. (I also closed Safari and rebooted IOS again for good measure.) I'll see if I can figure out how to use the iPad Safari developer tools, since that seems to be the only way forward. -- RandyB April 08, 2014, at 01:17 PM

Do you have a publicly open URL where I can test the recipe with my devices? --Petko April 08, 2014, at 01:20 PM

I found the problem: I'm doing this testing offline, and due to my configuration my browsers were only finding autoplay.js when I was at my desktop computer. -- RandyB April 08, 2014, at 01:52 PM

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