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It even allows (:include PageName:), or (:nofooter:) and such directives as inner text.
One can also build alternatives to the page actions, for instance include in the Side Bar:(:if authenticated edit :)*[[{$Name}?action=edit |Edit Page]](:if:)

21-Feb-2005 Even when i use such directives it would be nice to have also syntax enahncement notauthenticated like (:if notauthenticated edit :)(:noheader:)(:if:). If using DropDownSkin its possible to hide the "Actiontabs" - but if you are authenticated as edit you also get read so its not possible to hide the tabs _only_ for read(ers). Is someone able to enhance the systax? newmy

  • It already does this with the ! character see ConditionalMarkup -- MarkS
    • whups - this i didn't recognise - works perfect. tnx - newmy]

Is this something that one is supposed to place into the editable portion of the wiki page? I am very interested in getting this functionality into the templates themselves (so that one can define out the edit links if no-one is logged in). Also, is this for use with the UserAuth plugin?

  • Magnus
    • In response: This is a directive so it is to be used within a wiki page. I haven't thought about moving it into the template. Personally I have not used the UserAuth plugin, so I don't know if they can co-exist. -- MarkS

03.Mar-2005After update to 2.24/5 the Constellation (:AuthenticatedAsConditional, DropDownSkin? with the markup (:if ! authenticated edit:) (:noheader:) (:notitle:) (:if:) in GroupHeader) only the header is hidden when a unauthenticated user opens the page. The edit-line in the button is always shown. In 2.23 the edit-line will be hidden (as described in the "manual"). newmy

  • So is the tag (:notitle:) not being done?
  • What if you replaced the (:notitle:) tag with text such as "APPLE", what would be output?
  • What is to stop you using the following code as a substitute?
    (:if ! authenticated edit:) (:noheader:) (:if:)
    (:if ! authenticated edit:) (:notitle:) (:if:)

18-Mar-2005 Would it be possible (or can you tell me how) it could be achieved to add a "Login" button or something similar so an authentication could happen without requiring e.g. editing the page (so the authentication is required before editing is possible?). Would help a lot when e.g. an edit link should be visible only after authentication as e.g. admin. Is calling @[$Authfunction@] sufficient for this task? Which parameters?Klonk

You may want to consider the following;

(:if ! authenticated edit :) [[Main.HomePage?action=edit | Logon]] (:if:)
(:if authenticated edit :) [[{$Name}?action=edit | Edit Page]] (:if:)

I haven't quite figured out how to ask for authentication without then moving to the edit page. It would probably mean you have to hack the PmWiki code, which I find tricky at the best of times. No doco, so have to strain the brain I spose. -- MarkS?

Edit the page works? What?

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