Summary: User notes for the AuthUserSignup recipe.
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  • (+)I Use this on my Guild Wiki. Gerolkae
  • (+) I use this on all my public sites. It allows pages to be protected without having administrative hassles of setting up users all the time. (Personal bias acknowledged.) Peter Bowers
  • (+) I've been very impressed with this cookbook feature and have successfully implemented it (although it did take some time to get my personal config worked out). I believe this is one of the final solutions to keep your PmWiki usable online without a lot of spamming. Thanks Real Chris December 11, 2008, at 05:33 AM
  • (+) I added this to my site. Works very well. Thank you. - rk
  • (+) Set it up as a complete beginner fairly quickly with the great help of the author. Discovered the following (which may be obvious to more expert users): 1. never create/edit the required wiki.d pages with an external editor, for this and all the related recipes; do it all via PmWiki, copying and pasting and adapting passwords and mail configuration, changing attributes, etc., all from within PmWiki. 2. Beware: not all skins are functional with this and relative recipes (for me only the default pmwiki skin works). gazzaro April 06, 2010, at 02:34 PM

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User notes for the AuthUserSignup recipe (talk).