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Well is there a way for the Admin to check, who is registering, before comfirmation is send?

The original idea of this recipe is to allow admin-free registration. It's not too difficult to add in an additional [send-email-to-admin-and-get-his-confirmation] step before allowing the user to be approved. Unfortunately it's probably not something I'm going to be working on anytime too soon... If somebody has shell scripting background (or wants to learn) feel free... (But do make sure to keep it separate from the existing, simpler script.)

Thx for fast response. Keep on to set up. Now I got an email-response, but can't confirm, because of an error like this in my first and only AuthUserExtra: MARKUP EXPRESSION COMMAND: crypt . Is that an WikiSh or MX - thing?

Something is wrong with your MiscMX installation. That's the source for the "crypt" MX.

Thx first, it was the MX - i forgot the leading include_once in the config . But sorry, it still don't works. Two things happened.

1. If I signup a user the script flushes former entries (I assume, that happens while filetesting,

if ! test -f ${AuthUserExtra}
  echo "" >${AuthUserExtra}

although i couldn't explain. (I use clean URLs if that will help) So i found always only one user in my AuthUserExtra

2.Even if - let's say - the AuthUserExtra first line goes like this$1$Uc7fZa/q$OIK7UFEd1bLB9z.YCYHru0

and i come back with my link


I'm just kicked out, with the second Please use the email-link-message. Got a clue? Need more information? (I use a math module, interpreting the dollarsigns for its surrounding)

It would help if we could communicate by email. Please drop me a line at - That address will only work temporarily (5 emails) but once we are communicating by email I can give you my real address. Basically we need to establish either (1) a problem in installation or (2) an incompatibility with another recipe or (3) an incompatibility with your hosting setup. Let's start by checking versions -- can you send me a list containing the $Version line in each of the scripts that are involved in the install?

Are the issues (above) addressed? Is the problem solved? --Peter Bowers November 16, 2009, at 11:21 AM

Hi, it's me again. I wrote to the given mail, hope you got it. Otherwise I take a look here. As I said, problem isn't solve wether in a flat system nor in the subdirectories.

Well, I guess that didn't work. It must have been caught in my spam filters because I never saw anything. So, if we proceed differently -- can you give me a site to look at or is it inaccessible? --Peter Bowers November 20, 2009, at 12:06 PM

Line 60 of SecLayer.php should be include_once("$FarmD/scripts/stdmarkup.php");. Scott Connard November 03, 2009, at 04:49 PM

Thanks for the report - addressed in version 2009-11-14 of SecLayer.php --Peter Bowers November 16, 2009, at 11:21 AM

Function split() is deprecated in php 5.3 and causes errors. This function is used quite a lot throughout the code included for AuthUserSignup. Scott Connard November 03, 2009, at 04:49 PM

Thanks for the report - addressed in version 2009-11-14 of SecLayer and WikiSh and etc. --Peter Bowers November 16, 2009, at 11:21 AM

I've not seen a wiki page that doesn't word-wrap - the line above "Place the following lines" requires much side-side scrolling. Anyone know why? Ward Christensen

The reason the page appears not to line wrap: Text on the page between [@ and @] is treated literally, without word wrapping. If that literal text increases the width of the page, the word wrapping for other parts of the page won't begin until that unwrapped text's width is reached. To fix this, you can break the literal text into narrower lines, thereby reducing the width of the page. Because readers will cut and paste that literal code, if you break it into narrow lines, you may need to put a backslash at the end of each line that you shorten so that PmWiki treats the line as not having a linebreak. RandyB September 30, 2010, at 10:30 PM

I've got the following error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: array_diff_key()....

Your PHP version is < PHP5. Add this into SecLayer.php, it's a workaround
if (!function_exists('array_diff_key')) {

    function array_diff_key()
        $arrs = func_get_args();
        $result = array_shift($arrs);
        foreach ($arrs as $array) {
            foreach ($result as $key => $v) {
                if (array_key_exists($key, $array)) {
        return $result;

Bschicht December 28, 2010, at 09:40 PM

  • It'd be nice to allow the administrator to choose from a list of users to edit instead of typing in a username
  • It'd be nice to allow the administrator to change group memberships from the form
  • Theoretically it'd be nice to deal with htpasswd files, but there's already recipes that do that so probably not...

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