Hi, as of 03/04/10 I'm a 64 year old still-working guy in the NW burbs of Chicago.

I got my first home computer in '75 (Altair) and invented Xmodem in '77 and with Randy Suess, HW, programmed the world's first BBS (inventing the concept) in '78.

I did a TON of programming in the "early days" but now, alas, seem stuck programming KEDIT MACROS just because I'm so darn good at it. haha.

PMwiki is a great way to "program" things with no programming, and I'm interested in several work and recreational / hobby wikis.

Thanks to everyone who worked on PMwiki, I particularly love -- being an old fart -- that it doesn't even use databases, making the maintenance and troubleshooting so much easier. I can "Beyond Compare(*)" my web site locally, and with the "php server trick" run it locally, too! Great job!!!

I just (1003040927) posted that SKYPE doesn't seem to have -- or I can't find -- an option to kill port 80, but starting the PHP server THEN Skype, works.

P.S. I got into PMwiki because Dan Debusschere, the guy who created http://ibmquicklinks.com left IBM and I'm one of the maintainers of it, so wanted to get more familiar with PMWiki.