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Is AnyWikiDraw going to be compatible with MediaWiki 1.11? It gives an error when you try and view a photo and I would love to be able to use this program. Kelsey 12/18/07

AnyWikiDraw 0.11 runs now with MediaWiki 1.12. It might work with MediaWiki 1.11 too. -- Werner Randelshofer 2008-05-28

I tried PmWikiDraw on my localhost test installation and couldn't get it run. Also I could not edit the examples on PmWiki site with 3 different computers. I gave up after an hour (time is money and life is too short) and tried AnyWikiDraw.

Installation: Very easy -- no problems (just delete all the other non-PmWiki files)
Functionality: Great, with incredible features
Documentation: Very poor, but usage quite intuitive
Problems: Yes, it kills -- for a reason I'm looking for -- after saving the image the whole skin. The created image does not appear within AnyWikiDraw's environment, but e.g. with Attach:path/filename.
Limitations: You, and your site visitors need an up to date software (Java and Browser). It e.g. works nicely with my firefox at home. But my business PC with IE 6.0 -- which does not support SVG -- and JRE 1.6.0_14 fails to display the image editor and SVG files, made with my home system.
Remarks: The example link above requires a password, which is obviously not mentioned anywhere. And a more general issue: very nice tool, but how and where to use in a really useful way?

Test site is here My 2 cents --Armin September 30, 2010, at 01:52 AM

In update on Java on my business PC makes it even work with IE 6.0. Well, SVG output still doesnt work with this old software, but png is quite o.k.. --Armin September 30, 2010, at 12:40 PM

Got the source of the "skin error": In line 287 of AnyWikiDraw.php I modified

  • $output .= '<param name="PageURL" value="'.$scripturl.'/'.$pagename.'"/>'."\n";
  • $output .= '<param name="PageURL" value="'.$scripturl.'?n='.$pagename.'"/>'."\n";

I didn't see the wrong URL called after saving the drawing in my first trials. --Armin October 01, 2010, at 02:50 AM

Comment: In AnyWikiDraw.php line 259 is
       $output .= 'archive="'.$CookbookDirURL.'/AnyWikiDraw/AppletPack200.php/AnyWikIDrawForPmWiki.jar" ';

where it should be

       $output .= 'archive="'.$CookbookDirURL.'/AnyWikiDraw/AppletPack200.php/AnyWikiDrawForPmWiki.jar" ';

i.e.: the second 'i' in the jar file's name is wrongly capitalized resulting in a broken applet error on case-sensitive file-systems. -- Leonard, 2008-01-24

Thanks. I have fixed this in AnyWikiDraw 0.11. -- Werner Randelshofer 2005-05-28

Will AnyWikiDraw support Wiki Farms sometime? -- Leonard, 2008-01-24

We would very much like to support WikiFarms. Unfortunately, I have very little experience with PmWiki server side programming. To make progress in this area, I need support by someone who is knowledgeable about server-side implications of a WikiFarm. -- Werner Randelshofer 2008-03-26

I would appreciate if you could specify the best java version needed (aka the one you are working with). I had jre1.5.0 installed, got a lot of errors, changed to 1.6.0-5 and now I don't get errors anymore but my browser just goes dead when trying to draw a new picture (java-vm loads up). If drawing refers to an already existing picture it is shown, but there is no edit option. peter 2008-03-05

I am currently developing with Java 1.5.0_13 on Mac OS X 10.5.2. In case you are working with Windows XP, there might be a stability issue with the pack200 transfer encoding of the Java Applet. - This has been resolved in AnyWikiDraw 0.11. -- Werner Randelshofer 2008-03-26

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