Summary: How to use PmWiki to bookmark pages
Version: 12 February 2006
Maintainer: Nils Knappmeier
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How can I easily use PmWiki to bookmark pages I find on the web?


The addlink.phpΔ script provides a bookmarkable link (a "bookmarklet") that you can put in your browser to quickly add links to wiki pages as you surf the web.

addlink2.phpΔ is an improved version of the script, which asks the user for link-text before adding the link to the target page. If a link text is entered (into a java-script prompt-box), it will create a real link of the form [[link text -> url]]. The server-side code is compatible with bookmarks of version 1.
I did a little update so that everyone can have the following options:
# Add links to the bottom instead of the top?

# What text should be added immediate before and after each new link?
# The default is a newline before and after.

Just incase you want new links to be prefixed with "**NEW!!!**", for instance. I was thinking about adding a feature for sending new links to a specific anchor if anyone is interested in that. Let me know. MikeShanley?


PmWiki is an excellent tool for maintaining lists of links on the web, but there are too many steps (find the page, copy the URL of the page you wish to save, open the wiki page to edit, paste the URL into the wiki page, hit save).

With the addlink.php script, you can simply click on a link (bookmarked within your browser) to quickly add the URL of the currently viewed page into a wiki page.


1. Copy the addlink2.0.1.phpΔ script into your cookbook/ directory, then add the following line into your config.php file:


2. Browse to the wiki page on which you would like to save links, and place the markup (:addlink:) into that page.

3. The (:addlink:) markup will become a link that says +=pagename . Bookmark that link in your browser.

4. Now, you can surf the web, and when you find something you want to save in the wiki page, click the bookmark page. You'll instantly be transported to the wiki page with the (:addlink:) markup in it, and the URL of the page you were viewing is automatically added at the top and ready for you to annotate or edit.

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2.0.1 update available.
some time
Support for entering a link name in a dialog box (addlink2.phpΔ)Nils Knappmeier
Bugfix (addslashes before HandleEdit) Nils Knappmeier
Bugfix (ugly workaround that sets $action='edit' in order for the EditForm to be loaded correctly. (addlink2.php only)


  • Nils Knappmeier -- original concept
  • MikeShanley? -- a few more improvements
  • Christian Ridderström -- improvements to original concept
  • Pm -- conversion for PmWiki 2 (2004-11-30)


See discussion at AddLinkBookmarklet-Talk

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