What goes up must come down.

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TextPattern skin is a very elegant skin for sites that use rather small text areas such as poetry, short stories, etc. It was inspired by TextPattern, which is a CMS/Weblog designed by Dean Allen.

You can preview the skin at TextPattern is no longer being used on the author's site.



For PHP 5.5 or newer please get instead.


ftp or upload the contents of to pub/skins/textpattern/

Edit local/config.php
Change the line: $Skin = 'pmwiki';
to: $Skin = 'textpattern';

Customize Header

By default, the skin renders the current page name as the header title. To use the wiki title instead, add:
$SkinPartFmt['title'] = "$WikiTitle";
to config.php.

Customize Site Slogan

Edit the file: /path to PmWiki/pub/skins/textpattern/textpattern.php
Change the line: $Slogan = "What goes up must come down.";
to: $Slogan = "Text to display under page title";


Set $PageLogoFmt = "$PubDirUrl/skins/textpattern/logo.gif"; in config.php, skin is designed to use a logo that is 100 x 100 pixles in size.


The skin uses Site.SideBar (or $Group.SideBar) for the left menu, which should be right-aligned. %sidehead% or bulleted list items in Site.SideBar do not work well with this skin.

Fix EditQuickReference

In PmWiki, Edit the page: Site.EditQuickReference
In the top line, change: width='100%' to width='690px'


TRhodes -

Credits and Thanks!

Dfaure - I used Grease as the starting templates and modified them as needed to create TextPattern. Therefore, options as described on the Grease page may also apply.


This being my first skin, there may be issues or things that I could have done to make things easier, cleaner, etc. If an experienced skin designer wants to take a look at it and clean it up or make suggestions, please feel free to do so.

Unpack in sub directory textpattern.

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