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I have enabled this skin but renamed the template file "academian.tmpl" to "royale.tmpl". Also, there is a superfluous <meta> tag about the UTF-8 charset. If a wiki isn't in UTF-8 this tag may cause some display and save problems. If it is in UTF-8, PmWiki automatically inserts this tag -- so there is no need to add it into the skin template. --Petko November 15, 2013, at 09:52 PM

I am trying to adjust line-height parameter in Academian, but this skin should be the same and there's no talk page for Academian. Figured it out; on my browser, the line-height=150%; works, whereas the others, don't.

Now, I would also like to contribute 100 dollars towards the development of a slide-show capacity for PmWiki pages. Shouldn't that be possible using Ajax-Googleleapis and the Wikitrail markup principles? Would you consider becoming involved in the project? Thank you. Jagtig

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