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Existing pages

This edits a new page with the visual editor OK, but the main page 'edit' comes back to source markup. --sveta 2018.04.12

Thanks, added to the Notes section. --Petko April 12, 2019, at 07:49 AM

Recipe name

Suggest you change this recipe name. Initial instinct was to not look at this at all. How about "Better Editor"


I have 2 more recent implementations of this that I did for specific publics with a different name, but they are incompatible with this one and with each other, and I have not found the time to clean them up, make them more generic, and publish them to the Cookbook. I still feel Worse is actually worse, less powerful and flexible, than the text editor, especially now with PmSyntax enabled. Also this one doesn't have to become popular -- if someday I release a new version, it will not be easy for people to migrate to it. --Petko

UserAuth2 integration

On a wiki with UserAuth2, where a user might not have edit permission on pages that don't exist, config should use this line for best results:

if (HasCurrentUserPermForAction($pagename, $action)) 
  $DefaultPageTextFmt = "(:worse:)(:worseend:)\n";

This shows the relevant error message to users lacking permissions to edit a page that doesn't exist.

Thanks! --Petko

Talk page for the Worse (is better) recipe (users).