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Do I need to post my Wordpress2PmWiki converter somewhere?

For one of my projects I made PHP-converter (17KB codebase). What it is doing -- if you have a WordPress website and you want to convert it's database into PmWiki, you can install wp-all-export.1.2.3.zip plugin for Wordpress and make export to CSV. After this my script may be used to convert data into PmWiki pages, including files processing and backlinks processsing. Actually this is CSVtoPmWiki PHP-parser.

Pro: it is real example for those who wants to do something like this for those goals.
  • it is not automatical. User can't use it from the box, he must know PHP and read my code and adapt it for his goals;
  • interface and comments are in russian language and I have no time to translate it;
  • for now I have no time to remember and explain how it works, but code is easy to understand.

So, actually I can just put the source code "as is".

Do I need to post it? Where should I post it?

Finar November 11, 2019, at 03:10 PM

If you don't have the time to document it and support it, don't publish it. :-) Also, there seems to be a Cookbook:WordpressImport. --Petko November 11, 2019, at 07:03 PM

I will find the time, if somebody will really need this. I think it is a good idea to post info about it into Cookbook:WordpressImport but I get the message This post has been blocked by the administrator when I try to edit that page.

Finar November 12, 2019, at 08:25 AM

I've added it. There was a message "Text blocked from posting: my blog" so I added a second space between "my" and "blog". See diff. See Cookbook:SpamFilters, I could have used [=my=] blog or my[==] blog or my blog to bypass the spam filter. --Petko November 15, 2019, at 10:25 AM

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