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I wanted to add USBWebserver section to the main recipe page but the editor would not allow me to save (too many external links). This is what I wanted to add:

  • Using USBWebserver
  1. Download the package from
  2. Extract/copy package files to the top directory of your USB drive.
  3. Add /pmwiki directory to top level of USB drive.
  4. Create an index.php file that contains this single line
    -><?php include_once('pmwiki.php');
  1. Fire it up by executing USBWebserver.exe in the top-level directory
  2. On the main screen of USBwebserver, change root directory to pmwiki
  3. On the main screen of USBwebserver, choose localhost to bring up your pmwiki in a browser

- Hugh? October 27, 2014

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