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Please add your comments about the Twitter recipe here. --MatthiasGünther Februray 21, 2008, at 03:33 PM

Nothing is displayed

Hello. Only the twitter_header and the twitter_account_follow_message are displayed. No error message too :). Thanks for your help. -- Marc March 21, 2014 at 12:20 PM

Blackbird Pie

Anyone done anything to use twitter's blackbird pie thing for embedding tweets based on their status code? Something in wordpress does this with:

   [blackbirdpie id=<status code>]

as a way to grab and style the tweet in the post. -- tamouse July 04, 2012, at 01:44 PM

Update: I guess twitter no longer does blackbird pie, instead they have a direct means of inclusion: The shortcode looks like it might be a good option to emulate in markup:


Perhaps even doing something like:

   [tweet status=133640144317198338]

To make the format compact. -- tamouse July 04, 2012, at 01:54 PM

Update: -- tamouse July 04, 2012, at 05:26 PM I went ahead and just wrote this recipe up since it seemed pretty simple: EmbedTweet

Hello tamouse, I looked at your plugin. It seems to work for your purpose. Glad you make an extra plugin for it.

MatthiasGünther October 06, 2012, at 11:32 AM


Hi Matthias - i'm about to investigate something twitter-related, but noticed that you don't host the files here anymore. i don't know how to access them via the git command, and i imagine others might have problems too. is it possible to store the up-to-date twitter stuff here as well, as a .php or .zip file? thx overtones99 November 18, 2011, at 07:11 PM

Hello overtones99, you can get a new version of the recipe by opening the terminal and type in git clone - then you can get the code. Actually, I moved my code under version control with git and hosting the repository on bitbucket. If you still have problems with the recipe, please contact me here or write or drop me an email.

MatthiasGünther November 21, 2011, at 11:55 PM

Twitter CSS?

Hi Matthias, off the top of your head, do you know what css .styles we can tap into to style the various elements of the tweets? thanks, overtones99 April 09, 2011, at 04:30 PM

actually, i investigated further and saw that the styling isn't a Twitter api thing, but rather that there's some default styling being placed in the twitter.js file. I created a new version of twitter.js that removes this default styling, and adds a couple other css classes that permit the user to style easily via their .css file. check this out: twitter-withStyles.zipΔ.

with this updated .js file, you can then place the following into one's css file for the skin, using your own style info of course (this only contains the default stuff that you had originally put in there):

#twittermsgs {

#twittermsgs li {
.twittermsg_status {
.twittermsg_status a {

.twittermsg_relativeTime {

i wonder if this would be useful addition to the basic recipe?
thanks again for the recipe.
overtones99 April 09, 2011, at 05:10 PM

Hello overtones99, your ideas are welcomed and I include your suggestions in the recipe.

MatthiasGünther April 18, 2011, at 09:30 AM

Permitting arguments, via (:twittermessages arg1=a arg2=b ... :)

one other thing that i haven't yet had the chance to try and write-up myself:
this recipe works great for admins who are running their site solo, but it doesn't really work if you are maintaining a wiki where multiple users with edit-privileges have their own pages or groups and might want to include their own, or others, twittermessages. what i'm suggesting then is revision (or a partnering recipe) that uses ParseArgs to permit users something like (:twittermessages account=myTwitterName followMsg="More" nMsgs=200 header="Twitter Updatez":). if i have the time in the next month i might sit down and knock this up, but for now i leave it as a simple proposal... thanks again for the code.

overtones99 August 11, 2009, at 07:16 PM

Using SDV instead for default variables

Hi. thanks for the nice and simple code. it works.
i have this suggestion however - rather than ask the user to edit the configuration variables in twitter.php, it seems the common style in most PmWiki recipes is to declare the default values in the recipe via SDV($Var, 'DefaultVal'), and then to have the user declare their variables in config.php before including the recipe. the advantage of this is that if the recipe is ever updated or changed, the user only needs to switch out the recipes, but doesn't have to re-edit it and add in all of their vars again. i've gone ahead and made a version of this recipe that does this: twitter.2009-08-11.phpΔ. In addition, it fixes one minor bug - that $twitter_header wasn't plugged in to the $display_messages string.

overtones99 August 11, 2009, at 07:16 PM

Hello overtones99 I finally implemented your ideas and updated the doc.

MatthiasGünther September 20, 2009 11:26 AM

Talk page for the Twitter recipe (users).