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DirkBlaas 2009-09-12 Thanks for publishing this recipe. It is another good effort to make working with large tables more easy. I came across a small bug: when a column is center or right aligned, the markup for heading (!) is not recognized. For left aligned it is working ok. This happens both in text2tbl mode and flextbl mode. In text2tbl mode you can see that the ! is not placed directly next to the table-seperators (|| !Headertext in stead of ||! Headertext).

Thanks for the bug report. I believe I've got it fixed as of this 2009-09-15 version. --Peter Bowers September 15, 2009, at 07:45 AM

Allister 2013-09-23 Thanks for this HUGE timesaver. It's making very short work of some really gnarly tables. I have just one request to improve the output. Currently, any cells where alignment is not specified are marked with align=left which displays fine but is superfluous as left alignment is the default behaviour. One might argue that all left alignment could be left out but there may be reasons not to. However, could any default alignment be left out? It would reduce the clutter somewhat in the edit window. Meanwhile I'll just use a simple find-and-replace.

Thanks for the suggestion. I believe the new $t2tSuppressDefaultAlign configuration variable will address this as of this 2009-09-15 version. Peter Bowers September 23, 2013, at 01:26 AM
I've tested this version and it works as I'd expect, although your comment here gives a different name for the variable than the release notes. The release notes one works. :-) Also, I think you meant 2013-09-23 for the version date. :-) Allister 2013-10-09

Allister 2013-09-23 I just found an issue with the conversion from data cut and pasted from Excel. I specified input=tsv output=advanced (and no other options) and the output tripped up on two things.

1. Blank rows seem to cause the row following the blank row to be appended to the row preceding the blank row.
2. Blank cells seem to be skipped, causing variable width rows. My tables were quite complex so it was hard to see what was going where. The workaround for this, at least in Excel, is to search for blank cells (leave the Find what: box empty) and replace with either Alt-0160 (Windows) for a non-breaking space or just   for more literal output.

I've really not investigated the precise behaviours as I have workarounds for now, but thought it worth bringing up.

Please try this versionΔ to see if it solves the problems. If it does I'll try to do some more thorough testing to see if that fix breaks anything else and then release it as a true release. Please let me know how it works. Peter Bowers September 23, 2013, at 01:26 AM
Thanks. Sticking with input=tsv and output=advanced, seeing as that's how I use it, I was unable to trip it up on detecting blank cells and rows. The only minor glitch is that it always puts out a whole row of   cells at the end. I tried deliberately including a final blank row in my copied cells but I suspect you're stripping that as trailing whitespace as I still end up with just the one row of empties, even if I finish with two blank rows. A blank row at the top is preserved, however. So for the sake of the minor edit to remove the superfluous row this is 100% functional for me. Great work!

Goodguy00 2020-05-31 recipe NOT compatible with newest version of pmwiki, NOT compatible with PHP7.3+ (reg_replace /e)

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