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since the author has abandoned the script, and apparently using pmwiki entirely, I'm trying to fix this.

This is giving that preg_replace_callback error and a diagnostic gave me this:

toc >nl1 B>><>> ! file: /home/public/confessional/cookbook/slimtoc.php, line: 167, pat: /\(:([#\*])?toc:\)(.*)$/se

checking line 167 showed me a function using Markup changing Markup to Markup_e gave me yet another error, in another file:

toc >nl1 B>><>> ! file: /home/public/confessional/pmwiki.php, line: 1671, pat: /\(:([#\*])?toc:\)(.*)$/se

But I can't figure out how to "fix" line 1671 of pwiki.php


Hey everybody, this can be fixed quickly by using the instructions on (Migrations to PHP 5.5.)

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