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The new version of Responsive Slides fixes some CSS bugs. Download it here:


Said Achmiz January 08, 2018, at 01:45 PM

The new version of Responsive Slides supports images of different sizes and aspect ratios (as well as still having all the changes I list below). Download it here:

ResponsiveSlides_2018-01-05.zipΔ (outdated; download newer version, above)

The “catch” is that the .gallery element must have a width and height specified.

Said Achmiz January 05, 2018, at 12:30 AM

I made the changes noted below, updated the recipe for compatibility with PHP 7.2, and also modified it to only attach the JS and CSS if the (:responsiveslides:) directive is used on a page. Here is the modified recipe:

ResponsiveSlides_2018-01-04.zipΔ (outdated; download newer version, above)

Note that in this version, the array you must modify to, e.g., substitute your own local version of jQuery, is not $HTMLHeaderFmt, but rather $ResponsiveSlidesHTMLHeaderFmt.

Said Achmiz January 04, 2018, at 09:36 PM

The auto option does not work. Here is the fix:

Change line 125 of responsive from

    $("'.$o['list'].' ul").responsiveSlides(' .rslides_json_encode($o, false, $rslides_unsafe_options). ');


    $("'.$o['list'].' ul").responsiveSlides(' .rslides_json_encode($o, false, array_merge($rslides_unsafe_options, array('auto'))). ');

Said Achmiz December 29, 2017, at 01:55 AM

Also, on lines 72 and 73, $PubDirUrl should be changed to $FarmPubDirUrl or else the recipe doesn’t work properly in wikifarms.

Said Achmiz December 29, 2017, at 02:16 AM

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