The script will not allow me to edit a page when the Author field is blank, but I do not receive the notification message. Where should the "An author name is required" message be displayed? I am using Simple Skin with PmWiki v2.0 beta 54


It's a skin-related issue. The Simple skin defines its own Edit Form in skin.php with code that looks like the following:
$PageEditFmt = <<< EOT
The form doesn't appear to include the (:messages:) directive -- or its equivalent ($EditMessageFmt?) since the form is not a wikipage. The form also lacks a Change Summary input area, so it probably just needs some updating for improved compatibility with PmWiki 2.0.

How do we force the author to be the authenticated user under UserAuth rather than AuthUser? ~Nate

In versions 2.1.beta26 and later, this may happen automatically (untested). Perhaps ask the question on the UserAuth page.

Talk page for the RequireAuthor recipe (users).