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Patch to add a space character between joined lines

SteP January 15, 2010, at 02:48 PM: Function MarkupToUnstyled leaves no space between lines when it joins them together. If you prefer adding a space character here is a patch that will do it. Tested on PmWiki 2.2.8.

  // evaluate markup
  $text = MarkupToHTML($pagename, $text);
  // replace <br /> and runs of newlines with a space
  $text = preg_replace(':<br />|\\n+:s', ' ', $text);
//delete  // remove newlines
//delete  $text = preg_replace('/\\n/s', '', $text);
  // remove html tags
  $text = preg_replace('/<.*?>/s', '', $text);

Patch to suppress attached images and neuter intermaps

SteP January 15, 2010, at 02:48 PM: By default function MarkupToUnstyledLinkSuppress replaces all links with their text, which basically leaves intermaps, such as Attach: enabled. Therefore the unstyled output will still show attached images. A simple work-around is shown below. It removes the intermap prefix from all types of links, and it deletes Attach links in particular. Note: this patch deletes all Attach links, not just images.

function MarkupToUnstyledLinkSuppress($pagename,$imap,$path,$title,$txt,$fmt=NULL)
{ return ($imap=='Attach:') ?'' :preg_replace("/^$imap/","",$txt); } //Step# delete Attach links and prevent intermap link expansion

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