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It's up to you to provide a contact, in place of the elipses to:

  • an email address <a href='mailto:Admin@here'>Admin</a> or
  • a profile page <a href='$ScriptURL/Profiles/AdminFolk'>AdminFolk</a>.

It may be a hack and there may be more elegant ways to do it

The conditional below can be used to override any $fooDoThisFmt string (either in local/config or in skins/SkinName/skin.php) to include the current mode (read, edit, administer - and one can easily add upload if needed):


Neat! This also gives an opportunity to i8n the password dialog along the way. And you can put in extra lines for conditions coming out of other cookbook recipes (RenamePage for one). DirkBlaas

Optional image-link - use this:

 "<p><a href=''><img 
 src='' alt='Back to HomePage'
 title='Back to HomePage' /></a>
   <p><b>A password is required to ".

in place of this:

 "<p><b>A password is required to ".  

-- TeganDowling

I'd like to see this as a Core Candidate

simon January 15, 2020, at 08:48 PM

Talk page for the MakingPasswordRequestsExplicit recipe (users?).