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CarneiroTim (2007-09-28): I would like this script to send a subscription mail to "" or an unsubscription mail to "". Is that possible or can the subscription/unsubscription only be done by a different subject line?

Thanks for the important feature suggestion. It was not possible before, but I just added a variable that would allow that (see description). The new version should also be backwards compatible with earlier config.php files.-Diafygi (2008-08-28)

Franz Frese (2016-08-18):

  • I changed emaillistform.php to really use the translation in XLPageLocal of
  'EMLFsuccess' => 'Message has been sent successfully.',
  'EMLFfailure' => 'Message could not be sent.',
  'EMLFerror' => 'An error has occurred.',
  'Your Name' => 'Your Name',
  'Your Email' => 'Your Email',
  'Subscribe' => 'Subscribe',
  'Unsubscribe' => 'Unsubscribe',
  'EnterName' => 'Please enter your name.',
  'EnterEMail' => 'Please enter your email address.',
  'EnterWhat' => 'Do you want to subscribe or unsubscribe?',
  'Submit' => 'Submit'

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