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Minor addition

~SteP 2015-11-23 I changed line 55 to
@$HTMLStylesFmt['LocalCSS'] .= "\n".$css;

The additional newline character keeps the CSS rules of each @-block separated, so source code looks better. Nothing new functionally.

Very Useful Indeed

~SteP 2015-08-29 Brilliant, thanks Petko! This recipe is very useful, particularly with the added flexibility that @variables provide. There is no page variable expansion for @variables. However, it's easy to add predefined @variables, for example to use $SkinDirUrl in CSS rules add these lines to localcss.php before #get @variables:

# prepend predefined @variables
global $SkinDirUrl;
$text = "@SkinDirUrl:$SkinDirUrl\n".$text;

Then use @SkinDirUrl in your CSS rules.

Or, you could probably write the value of the $SkinDirUrl in the LocalCSS page:


--Petko August 29, 2015, at 03:36 PM

I've released a new version allowing you to use a few variables like @SkinDirUrl, and to add more. --Petko August 29, 2015, at 05:57 PM

~SteP 2015-08-30 Thank you, Petko!

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