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This no longer works under php 5.5, although the fixes are trivial. In toto, they are:

diff whitespace.php whitespace.bak 
< Markup('^ws', '<^img', '/^(\\s+)(.*?)/', "WSIndent2($m[1])");
> Markup('^ws', '<^img', '/^(\\s+)(.*?)/e', "WSIndent2('$1')");
< Markup('spacing', '>style', "/(\\s{2,7})(?![^<]*>)/", "WSReplace($m[1])");
> Markup('spacing', '>style', "/(\\s{2,7})(?![^<]*>)/e", "WSReplace('$1')");


update: spoke too soon. Will have to revisit
(Ross Grady, Nov 8, 2015)


You probably don't need to quote $m[1], see the corrected lines of code. --Petko November 08, 2015, at 11:50 AM


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