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  • Would it be possible to publish any sample pages please (including source markup) Thx! (hfwang sep032006)
    • Of course, see the page now :) Breyten
  • Does not work, neither does chart director - Poor quality code and documentation
  • PKHG: Got it working, after some small changes ... ;-) 070426:0941
  • I couldn't get it to work either. Unfortunately, I don't have the expertise to incorporate the "small changes" mentioned above. Could someone help with this? Thanks in advance.
  • After rebuilding php with a GD library that properly incorporated freetype2, I was able to get libchart working. I've uploaded a new file libchart-1.2-compat.phpΔ that reflects the changes I made to get libchart-1.2 (the latest from working in my setup - YMMV.

Talk page for the LibChart recipe (users?).