Please help me! :)

I'd like to see the ability to save multiple events on data pages in iCalendar format.

PmWiki page variables in pagelists pull the data from the data pages -- in whatever format, whether to have a mini view with underlines (there are events on X day), a middle view that lists a number of events on each day, a bigger view with the short title of events on each day, or a pagelist of (today, this week, this month) upcoming events, sorted by start date/time, with their descriptions... and finally an event detail for individual events.

Now that pagelists handle variables, I think this is all very feasible.

With the right plug-in, PmWiki could parse iCalendar formatted files to add data pages to a site. ZAP could be used to write an iCalendar formatted data page. A plug-in can allow people to download the iCalendar event(s) listed in their current view as a file from the site to add to their own personal calendar app.

Ideas, thoughts, comments, am I nuts?

XES December 08, 2006, at 10:26 AM

Check out this bad boy here -> [(approve links) edit diff]

Talk page for the ICalendarEvents recipe (users?).