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  • 2024-03-14 Update is needed -> Markup_e -> CustomMarkup
  • 2009-02-08 Great recipe! Is there a way to adjust the width? I'd like to have icons that when hovered over drop down wider text options. I peaked at the CSS file, but it's all greek to me. --RandyB
    • 7 July 2009. Yes, it is nice. To adjust the width, edit the cssmenu.css file, line 41. Bump the width higher a little. I am using 12.0 right now. -m
  • 11-Jun-2007 In a farm config, the pub path isn't working correctly. Instead of going to pmwiki/pub/menus, it goes to /pmwiki/wiki farm site/pub/menus. Thanks for writing a really slick script. --Scott Smith
    • 2017/08/01 Who can do this? --St
  • 2006-11-01 I tried the script "out of the box" .. didn't work. I copied the menus.php in to coobook, added the line to my config.php, and also copied the menu's folder containing the .css file to pub/skins/menus. The script is working (eg. i put some test html in the code and it displayed fine, so I know the script is being called ok), but the .css part isn't working, so the menu is not rendered properly. I'm running XP + SP2 + IE6 + EasyPHP (Apache + PHP + MySQL). I don't want to mess around with server settings .. isn't there some way to just "make it work"? Maybe I'm missing something. (-SL)

Extract the ZIP file into the pmwiki directory completly with path. Then The .css file should be placed in pub/menus. And you'll see it works then - Klonk March 28, 2007, at 02:06 AM

I think it'd be nice if this script could make use of the bullet list markups rather than introducing a new one. --Pm

  • I agree, but I had the choice: Either introduce a new markup or everyone has to use additional wikistyles to make the menus work (see new version DropDownSkin). So I decided for simplicity and ease of use to introduce a new markup. And the width of the element within the <LI> has to be set, otherwise the result would look different in IE and FireFox. So in my eyes this is the simplest and easiest solution. - Klonk
    • I looked again closer at it and found an easy way to use standard markup. So additional "new" markup was removed. -Klonk

I'm merging the evolver skin with a template from an existing website I maintain. One of the things I need is a drop down menu on the page, so I added this menu.

The problem is, I can see the code for the drop down menu when I go to View -> Page source in Firefox, but the menu doesn't show up on the page. Is there a div id or class that I need to add a z-index to in the css or something? If I simply comment out the css link in the template, the menu shows up great (though of course the page looks awful). I've tried looking through the page source in Firefox and added a z-index to a couple divs, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything.

Does anyone have any hints? TIA. --stormspotter

  • I found it. The <!-- PageInlineStyle --> tag had been left out of the template, which resulted in pub/menus/cssmenu.css not being called. --stormspotter

I'm getting extra backslashes in rendered markup. Here is the markup I am using:

This is a "test."
*This is a "test."

It displays in my browser like this:

This is a "test."
 * This is a \"test.\"

This bug is squashed. Works great now.

Getting this to work with IE and XP SP2 when served by Apache:

Edit /etc/apache/mime.types (or /etc/apache2/mime.types) as applicable
Add the line: text/x-component <whitespace> htc
Overwrite ./pub/menus/csshover.htc with version 2 or better of whaterever:hover from http://www.xs4all.nl/~peterned/csshover.html


this works Firefox and partialy works in IE7 but puts a empty space when a menu button has sub menus, so you cant select the one below it., exellent work well done, i'll have to point people to firefox for the site, any ETA on the functionality in IE 6? would apreciate it.

  • IE 6 works (at least here). One thing I recognized with IE: When an menuentry is empty or only contains spaces you are not able to select it. I would suggest to place anything there (maybe a simple dash?) then it should work again - Klonk March 20, 2006, at 02:30 AM

i'm having some annoying problems with IE, where it puts a small space after the first entery to the menu this stops you form being able to select the lower sections, i've looked at the whaterever:hover site and the example on there works, what has this got in it that the scrip here does not? anyone help me out, or is there a browser detect redirect script that we have? . or can i use the hide mark ups to, hide and show menus depending upon the browser type?

  • Sorry I'm not able to reproduce this problem here (IE 6) - Klonk March 27, 2007, at 07:54 AM
    • this occurs in IE7 only. Any Idea how to fix it ├▒os? January 21, 2008, at 09:23 AM

In IE7, with the aforementioned csshover.htc update, I am getting the bullets displayed. This is not the case for Firefox 2 and IE6. I'm using beta 2.2.0-beta-44 --Scott Smith

  • Scott, I was having the same problem, but managed to fix it as follows. In the cssmenu.css file, look for the following style definition. Add "list-style-type" and "list-style-image" to the end of the style. Both should be set to "none":
 div#hmenu .menuitem,
 div#hmenu .menutitle,
 div#vmenu .menuitem,
 div#vmenu .menutitle,
 div#emenu .menuitem,
 div#emenu .menutitle {
	padding:1px 0;
	list-style-type: none;
	list-style-image: none;

-- C.R. Andrews, Jr.

only occurs I have no problems getting the menus.php to work with the original PmWiki installation in the farm, but the other wikis are not working. Is this farm friendly? I'm using beta 2.2.0-beta-44 --Scott Smith

Same Here I could put the script to work in a plane instalation but not in a farm installation, anybody has put it to work in a farm ? --Edwin Marte, Nov 23,2007

July 9, 2009: Can someone tell me how to widen the menu blocks? Amy R.

Aug 29, 2010 I would also like to widen the menu blocks w/o widening the top-level menu entry. / WRF

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