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Problem: The Dates and Times for Von: and Bis: where exchanged, so that the start date became the end date and vice versa.

Solution:I changed this in handleical.phpΔ and uploaded it again. The problem is fixed in v2009-10-03

Problem: If you want to export all events from the calendar Group, the script scans the whole wiki by using the function ListPages() without parameters. After exporting, it does not return to the calendar group but to the last page of the last group in the whole wiki.

Solution: I changed the corresponding lines 151 and 152 in handleical.phpΔ to the following code:

  151: # alle Seiten der Kalendergruppe des wikis in ein array schreiben
  152: $pagelist = ListPages("/".$ICalCalendarGroup."/");

In effect, only the pages of the calendar Group are scanned for events. This is necessary, since only these events are exported by the script anyway.

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